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"Old" You have to love Sean Elliot, he all but admitted that he posted that on the scorecard. This is what makes this team so GREAT, they are a family and they do have each others back. Stephen thanks for sticking up for Tim, that was a cheap shot. I'm proud of you how you "controlled" yopur emotions, you make us better. Go Spuirs Go!!!

2 years, 10 months ago on Tim Duncan Receives A "Did Not Dress - Old"


In theory OK, but reality a Division win against Dallas would have been huge. The B team would of had more motivation with a win, not a loss, why not sub a couple of times to at least rest the b teamers that were obviously gassed...

2 years, 12 months ago on Carlisle: Pop the best coach in the league | January


I must agree the comeback was a fine thing to watch, however, down to overtime you must interject some of your rested superstars. The "B" teamers played an entire quarter without be subed for, they WERE GASSED and everyone knew it. I think Pop is one of the greatest coaches ever but we all knew he was trying to prove a point and it cost him a game against a division rival that he was tied for first place with...It was a misteak

3 years ago on Carlisle: Pop the best coach in the league | January


Ok I'll say I told you so. All you folks that wanted to run RJ out of town should tweet him and apologize. He is a first class person as well as a hell of a ball player. We don't need primadonas like Butler, again we have a well manored, cohesive team. Go Spurs beat the heat !!!!

3 years ago on Did the Spurs low ball Butler? | January


If we are talking about "Timmy" I can't say or think anything other than postive things. He is a class act and has set the example for all to follow. He followed another great person in David Robinson, lets all give Pop credit for fielding classy players that play the game right. Now yes we still need a big banger inside....Lets make one big signing this year and make an honest run for another banner.

3 years, 1 month ago on Duncan’s last stand | December