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I played basketball in high school and there was a player like that playing for another school. The star of our team would always get distracted and have a bad game against them. They'd beat us even though I thought we were better. It seems to be a good strategy.


I think a lot more people watch Ole Miss games just to see him play, whether they like him or not. It reminds me of pro wrestling. Would anyone actually watch pro wrestling if the wrestlers didn't have enormous egos and taunt each other?

2 years ago on Henderson A Necessary Villain? What A Weak Defense Of Poor Behavior


"They have a lot of really, really good teams and last year probably had as many as they’ve ever had."


When he refers to the SEC as "they" it makes me wonder how well Missouri has adjusted to their new conference.

2 years ago on Mizzou’s Pinkel Not Surprised By The SEC, Not Gifting QB Job Back To Franklin


If the Big Ten is adding AAU schools in the south do you think they'd have interest in Florida and would Florida be interested in the Big Ten?


It seems like the Big Ten would like to add a big population state like Florida with a lot of cable subscribers and football recruits. I'd think UF's administration would at least consider interest from the Big Ten. They might want to associate with the big brain club.


Florida might be a cultural fit. You don't hear many southern accents outside of the panhandle and a few other rural areas. Most people have moved here from northern states. A game with Ohio State might interest more people than Tennessee or Georgia.


Florida is in a division with Missouri and Kentucky in the SEC so the Big Ten wouldn't add much more travel. If the Big Ten adds schools from Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia there would be nearby schools.


Florida would lose some tradition but nobody seemed to notice when UF lost its longest standing rivalry with Auburn a few years ago. Georgia was Florida's once biggest rival but my kids who attend or graduated from UF barely care about Georgia because they never play on campus. Tennessee became a rival in the 1990s when Florida and Tennessee were both good but now that Tennessee has been down it's not a big game. Just as Texas A&M and Missouri are building new traditions in the SEC, Florida could build new traditions in the Big Ten.


Perhaps the Big Ten might take Florida and FSU as a package deal and then Florida would be in a conference with the only school it really needs to play every year. FSU is growing and some day may be an AAU school. It's going to become more difficult to schedule out of conference rivals with an expanded in-conference schedule.


Leagues appear to be adding more in-conference games. That means there will be fewer games against other conferences. The SEC won't be able to show its football superiority against other conferences before playoff and bowl teams are selected. I think the system will evolve into the champions of four conference being in the playoffs. It would probably be easier for UF to get into the playoffs by being in the Big Ten than the SEC.


If the Big Ten ever showed interest in Florida I think it would at least be worth considering.


2 years, 1 month ago on Which Conference Will Win The Realignment War? It Depends On Your Definition Of “Win”


 @I4Bama I agree with you that Bama should take its time dealing with this. It always bothers me when a lynch mob forms and wants immediate action. Although this sounds like a horrendous crime and the players deserve dismissal, Alabama should take a step back, investigate and give consideration to their findings before acting. The players are suspended and no longer are representing the team or university. I don't see any need for hurry.

2 years, 1 month ago on Bama Student On Beating Victim: “He Had Clearly Been Badly Beaten”


 @Jimisawesome  @Roggespierre  @JRsec 

I sorted R&D by conference to get this list. 


Higher education R&D expenditures, ranked by all R&D expenditures, by source of funds: FY 2010(Dollars in thousands)



5     Duke U. 983,289

11     U. Pittsburgh main campus 822,491

15     U. NC Chapel Hill 755,284

25     GA Institute of Technology 615,833

47     VA Polytechnic Institute and      State U. 398,169

57     NC State U. 360,795

74     U. Miami 280,67175     U. VA main campus 276,308

84     FL State U. 237,864

101     Wake Forest U. 192,034

104     U. Louisville 189,090

108     Clemson U. 174,693

137     U. of Notre Dame 110,369

140     Syracuse U. 107,024

189     Boston C. 50,537


Big Ten

2     U. MI-Ann Arbor 1,184,445

3     U. WI-Madison 1,029,295

13     U. MN Twin Cities 786,074

14     PA State U. University Park and      Hershey Medical Ctr. 770,449

16     OH State U. 755,194

26     Northwestern U. 603,732

32     Purdue U. main campus 548,980

34     U. IL Urbana-Champaign 515,133

37     U. MD College Park 451,415

39     U. IA 444,034

41     MI State U. 431,373

42     Rutgers, the State U. NJ-New      Brunswick 428,432

103     U. NE-Lincoln 191,268

107     IN U. Bloomington 177,520



71     IN U.-Purdue U. Indianapolis 296,194

122     U. NE Medical Ctr. 138,219

201     U. MD Ctr. for Environmental      Science 42,670


Big 12

29     U. TX Austin 589,502

76     U. KS 267,961

79     IA State U. 250,120

93     U. OK 218,089

112     KS State U. 160,679

116     WV U. 154,926

119     OK State U. main campus 147,094

125     TX Tech U. 133,360

309     Baylor U. 10,925

378     TX Christian U. 5,306



27     U. TX M. D. Anderson Cancer Ctr. 599,529

38     Baylor C. of Medicine 447,874

43     U. TX Southwestern Medical Ctr.      Dallas 419,220

81     U. TX Health Science Ctr. Houston 240,772

96     U. TX Health Science Ctr. San      Antonio 207,115

105     U. TX Medical Branch 188,399

188     TX Tech U. Health Sciences Ctr. 51,282

397     OK State U. Ctr. for Health      Sciences 4,398


PAC 12

4     U. WA Seattle 1,022,740

7     U. CA, Los Angeles 936,995

9     Stanford U. 839,839

19     U. CA, Berkeley 694,049

28     U. Southern CA 592,791

30     U. AZ 586,647

51     U. UT 379,200

62     U. CO Boulder 349,449

64     AZ State U. 329,345

68     WA State U. 304,352

94     OR State U. 216,595

147     U. OR 94,107



48     U. CO Denver and Health      Sciences Ctr. 389,461

66     OR Health & Science U. 314,990



20     TX A&M U. 689,624

21     U. FL 681,548

35     Vanderbilt U. 504,959

58     U. KY 359,944

72     U. TN Knoxville 291,787

73     LA State U. and A&M C. 289,872

82     U. MO-Columbia 238,500

86     MS State U. 231,675

87     U. GA 230,803

89     U. SC Columbia 229,145

120     Auburn U. main campus 145,115

135     U. AR main campus 113,909

139     U. MS and U. MS Medical Ctr. 110,020

204     U. AL, The 40,762



155     TX A&M U. System Health Science      Ctr. 82,839

164     Medical C. GA 72,015

176     LA State U. Health Sciences Ctr.      New Orleans 59,776

459     TX A&M U.-Commerce 2,679


Other Schools

36     U. AL Birmingham, The 489,845

46     U. Cincinnati 411,269

50     U. South FL 385,029

83     U. CT 237,908

110     Tulane U. 165,513

130     U. Houston 119,811

133     U. Central FL 117,985

138     FL International U. 110,271

143     San Diego State U. 99,137

144     Rice U. 97,903

146     U. NV, Reno 95,423

175     U.S. Air Force Academy 62,097

180     FL Atlantic U. 56,472

191     U. Memphis, The 49,517

197     U. NV, Las Vegas 44,457

203     U. Southern MS 42,059

221     Brigham Young U. 32,997

253     East Carolina U. 23,995

258     U.S. Military Academy 22,171

268     Southern Methodist U. 18,742

269     Boise State U. 18,731

307     U.S. Naval Academy 11,093



2 years, 1 month ago on Big Ten To Add More Conference Games; Is This Another Lure For UVA, GT, UNC And Duke?


That picture in the wheelchair link shows Noel's knee bent sideways as he landed after jumping. You've got to be concerned about ligament damage when you see a knee at an unnatural angle like that.

2 years, 1 month ago on SEC Hoop Streaks Snapped: Kentucky Loses Game And Possibly Noel, Georgia Falls To Alabama


I don't think UF got good in basketball by investing in the sport. UF stumbled onto a good coach and now that he has succeeded is paying enough to keep him from moving to another job. I doubt Florida paid Donovan much when he was first hired. He was a young guy just starting a coaching career at Marshall and wasn't a big name. Success came before the investment. If Donovan had won national championships at any other SEC school they'd be paying him well too.

2 years, 1 month ago on Why Is The SEC Thriving In Football, Struggling In Basketball? Money


I think an SEC - Big 12 scheduling alliance would actually help the ACC rather than hurt them.


The ACC would likely go the way the Big Ten appears to be heading and play as many as ten conference games with a few early season cupcakes and the four SEC-ACC rivalry games. With very few games remaining against other conferences the ACC  would have a conference champion finishing with a good record and appear to have a legitimate claim on a playoff spot. The ACC would likely win one or two of their SEC games each year (Louisville beat Kentucky last year, FSU and Clemson are going to win a fair share of their rivalry games). Assuming the ACC would win almost every game against cupcakes there would be no way to show they are a weaker conference and less deserving of  a playoff spot. A bigger in-conference schedule puts the ACC back on an even playing field with other conferences. Their teams will look just as good as anybody else and their schools will be happier and less likely to leave the conference.


The same is true of the Big Ten. A bigger in-conference schedule with a few early season cupcakes means their schools won't get beat up by other conferences and will look just as good as anybody else when playoff and bowl teams are selected.

2 years, 1 month ago on How An SEC-Big XII Scheduling Alliance Could Doom The ACC


I don't read it as blaming the media. He should have known it wouldn't look good when people learned of it through the media.


I sometimes wonder why coaches give press conferences or public speeches. All I ever hear is the awkward or embarrassing things coaches sometimes say.

2 years, 1 month ago on VU’s Franklin Apologized To Saban For “Satan” Joke


 @TennesseeJed  @Roggespierre 

UF usually ranks about the same as UNC in total R&D expenditures, some years higher, some years lower. The two schools are pretty close for 2011. Duke might become the unquestioned standard bearer but I don't think I'd say that about UNC.


Thirty institutions reporting the largest FY 2011 R&D expenditures in all fields, by source of funds: FY 2011(Million of current dollars)

Rank Institution All R&D

1 Johns Hopkins U. 2,145

2 U. MI Ann Arbor 1,279

3 U. WA Seattle 1,149

4 U. WI Madison 1,112

5 Duke U. 1,022

6 U. CA San Diego 1,009

7 U. CA San Francisco 995

8 U. CA Los Angeles 982

9 Stanford U. 908

10 U. Pittsburgh main campus 899

11 U. PA 886

12 Columbia U. in the City of New York 879

13 U. MN Twin Cities 847

14 OH State U. 832

15 PA State U. University Park and Hershey Medical Ctr. 795

16 Cornell U. 782

17 U. NC Chapel Hill 767

18 U. FL 740

19 Washington U. St Louis 725

20 MA Institute of Technology 724

21 U. CA Berkeley 708

22 U. CA Davis 708

23 TX A&M U. 706

24 U. TX M. D. Anderson Cancer Ctr. 663

25 Yale U. 657

26 GA Institute of Technology 655

27 Harvard U. 650

28 U. TX Austin 632

29 Northwestern U. 619

30 U. AZ 611

2 years, 1 month ago on SEC Pushing Its Academic Oomph


Who are the couple of Midwest university opportunities for the Big Ten? Notre Dame certainly would be one but who is the other?


The only major midwest universities not already in the Big Ten are Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. I doubt the Big Ten is interested in Cincinnati, Iowa State or Kansas State. Of the two remaining schools I think the Big Ten would have more interest in Missouri than Kansas. It's a larger state with more TV viewers. I don't know how much Missouri adds to the Big Ten since St. Louis and Kansas City TV probably already cover the Big Ten due to neighboring states in the Big Ten (Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska). Can Kansas leave Kansas State behind and jump to the Big Ten? Look at how Kansas reacted to Missouri leaving the Big 12 and then Kansas would be doing the same thing to Kansas State. I think a Big Ten offer would be hard for Missouri to pass up.

2 years, 1 month ago on Survivor, NCAA Style: Big 12 Talks Alliances, “Friends With Benefits”


Here are the numbers as I understand them based on the current numbers in Forbes and then adding an average $12 million jump per school for the new contract. 


Current (per Forbes)

Big Ten - $310 million

Pacific 12 - $303 million

ACC - $293 million

SEC -  $270 million


New Contract (add $12 million x14 to the SEC)

SEC - $438 million

Big Ten - $310 million

Pacific 12 - $303 million

ACC - $293 million


Is my math correct? Are these totals accurate? Am I comparing apples to apples? Won't the Big Ten have a new contract too since they added two teams? Will the ACC numbers change when they replace Maryland with Louisville?

2 years, 2 months ago on New Deals: SEC Schools Projected To Make $30-35 Million (As We’ve Been Saying Since The Fall)


 @Roggespierre  @AllTideUp  @JRsec 

I'd rate Virginia about as highly as North Carolina. I think the best scenario for the SEC would be to add just those two schools and not take anyone else. That doesn't appear likely though since Virginia is apparently considering the Big 10 and UNC likely won't leave the ACC as long as it is somewhat viable. Georgia Tech wouldn't add much to the SEC but would be much more valuable to the Big 10.


I think Virginia Tech is about the only other school that would be a net plus for the SEC. They might be interested in the SEC if UVA leaves the ACC. If the SEC added Va Tech I doubt any North Carolina school would be quite ready to leave the ACC (and I hope the SEC wouldn't take NC State or Duke without UNC) so the next best school to pair with them would be FSU.


If other ACC schools then leave the ACC for the Big 12 at some point UNC might leave and I'd guess they'd take Duke with them to the Big 10 but the SEC would have a chance for the pair.


I don't see any school other than UNC, UVA, Va Tech and maybe FSU adding enough value to the SEC to cover their share of the profit distribution.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 3)


 @torris187  @Hihoze 

I think you're right. I remember comments from conferences that they don't want to be responsible for killing another conference by taking more than a team or two at a time. I suspect the Big 10 won't take any more ACC teams for another year and then they may grab UVA and another team. I don't think the SEC or Big 12 are able to lure away any of the most desirable teams now and will only take teams after the Big 10 further destabilizes the ACC.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 3)


 @Roggespierre  @JRsec 

While Cincinnati will never present a challenge to Ohio State, would adding them cause all Ohio carriers to carry the SEC? If that's all that matters then Cincinnati might be a great addition.


Doesn't viewership matter? I'd think higher TV ratings would be more valuable than bigger footprint size. I wish I understood how TV revenue works better.


If it comes down to three North Carolina teams or none, I'd pick none. I don't think three schools from the same state would generate enough new revenue to cover their share of the profit distribution. Current conference schools would make less money because the three new North Carolina schools would be bringing in less per school.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 3)



I think Bobby Bowden was right when he preferred the ACC to the SEC because it distinguished FSU from UF. Just as A&M is better off in a different conference than Texas, FSU has been better off in a different conference than Florida.


But now that the ACC is declining FSU isn't so well off. I think they would be better off moving even if it's to the Big 12. The SEC ought to consider inviting FSU. Florida is a big state and FSU draws a lot of interest. I think more people would be watching TV when FSU is playing than almost any other school the SEC might invite, even though FSU doesn't expand the footprint. I'm sure total viewership must be an important factor in these decisions. If UVA joins the Big 10 and then Va Tech decides to move to the SEC, I think FSU would be the second best choice to pair with them (UNC would be the best).


Miami would not be a good fit. There's not much interest in them outside of the Miami-Palm Beach area.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 3)



I spent a few years at one of those ACC schools. It appears to me that there's not a lot of interest in NC State outside of their alumni association. UNC is the school most people in North Carolina care about. Duke is a distant second. Not many people care about NC State, ECU and Wake. The only people walking around in NC State gear are their alumni. I don't see why the SEC would want the third best school in the state. If the SEC added Virginia Tech it would essentially get the North Carolina footprint from all surrounding states and the TV market overlap. Va Tech would probably be interested in the SEC if UVA leaves for the Big 10.


Adding three North Carolina schools would not be as profitable as adding other states instead. The increased North Carolina TV revenue would be divided by three new schools. I suspect the revenue per school would decrease in the SEC. If the SEC could get UNC it might be worth letting UNC pick one tag along school - either Duke or NC State - but not both. If the SEC can't get UNC I think they ought to forget North Carolina and look at schools in other states or stick with the current 14 schools.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 3)


"Tigers to play Georgia and Florida from the East while Alabama gets Tennessee and Kentucky from that division"


The conference should have never made a schedule that favored one team over another like that. I can understand why LSU fans would be upset. It doesn't seem fair to me.

2 years, 2 months ago on Some LSU Fans Wanting Out Of The SEC? We Thought They Were The Tigers, Not The Chickens


 @John at MrSEC  @DanielLaFrankie 

Couldn't a school still challenge the $200 million exit fee in court without the risk of paying a huge fee? If they were successful and got the fee reduced to the going rate of about $10 million they'd leave the conference. If they could only get it down to $100 million they'd stay in the Big 12 and not have to pay the exit fee.


Would a major conference actually take a school to court that didn't want to be in their conference? It would be horrible publicity for the conference.

2 years, 3 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 1)



I've also read that 50 million will not hold up in court for the reasons you describe. The courts will say that schools must have the ability to change conferences if they desire and the exit fee can't be prohibitively expensive.


Wouldn't the Big 12 GOR have the same problem in court? It's so expensive that schools can't afford to leave the conference. Wouldn't the courts give the GOR a dollar value and then say that dollar value is excessive?

2 years, 3 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 1)


Do you think the Big 10 would want to add Missouri and would Missouri accept if the Big 10 invited them?

2 years, 3 months ago on You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers: From Why Your Search Is Taking So Long To SEC Expansion


Why do Vanderbilt home games against Florida sell out? I'd think Vanderbilt fans would be more interested in games against Tennessee but it sounds like those games don't sell out. Florida didn't even sell all the tickets allotted for this year's game. Are Gator fans in Tennessee buying tickets through Vanderbilt rather than through UF? I can see Tebow selling lots of tickets for the 2008 game but there's nothing especially interesting about this year's Gator team and Florida has already visited Tennessee this year to play the Vols.

2 years, 5 months ago on SEC Headlines - 10/11/12


I think turnovers are an effect of winning not the cause.


If a college team with a bad turnover ratio played a high school team with a good turnover ratio I think the ratios would reverse. The college team with butterfingers would dominate the turnover battle against a high school team. Same thing if you took a college team with a good turnover ratio and had them play an NFL team with butterfingers. The NFL team would likely win the turnover stats for the game.


Turnovers happen when teams play well. A good team gets to the opposing quarterback more quickly and has tighter pass coverage. This will cause more turnovers than a poor pass rush and poor pass coverage.


I suspect Arkansas is losing the turnover battle because they are getting outplayed not because they lack some special turnover skill.

2 years, 5 months ago on Stat Analysis: Butterfingers And Bandits


Spurrier had a similar spat with a columnist (I think the columnist was Larry Guest) from the Orlando Sentinel back in the 1990s when he was at Florida. I don't remember the details but I thought the columnist was mostly being obnoxious with his opinions.


I wonder why coaches bother with press conferences. The only thing interesting that comes out of them is when the coach has a slip of the tongue. Newspaper articles where the reporter goes out into the field and finds a story are better.


Since I've been reading this site I've noticed I like some newspapers and their columnists better than others.


My favorite is It's almost always interesting and informative. When they criticize a home state team they seem to be fair about it without being obnoxious. I also like the Kentucky and Missouri newspapers.


I'd rate the Mississippi and South Carolina newspapers near the bottom. I rarely click a link to them because I rarely find anything worth reading there.

2 years, 6 months ago on Spurrier Speaks, Morris Apologizes, And A Penn State Comparison That Does Make Some Sense


I first thought a Gator fan had put up the billboard because Aggie Nation seems like a modified version of Gator Nation. But then why would they put the billboard up on NW 53rd Avenue? That's on the north edge of town 53 blocks from UF's campus. They should have picked Archer Road for maximum troll factor. Wouldn't a billboard company would let the buyer pick the location? Also a Gator fan might not have picked cleanest program and best academics for trolling because UF has done pretty well in those areas. A reference to players getting arrested would have been a more effective troll. But maybe trolls are more effective if they have flaws that give people an easy way to respond.


I'm switching my guess on the perp's ID to a fan of a Big 12 school such as Texas or Baylor.


This has been entertaining. It reminds me of back when Spurrier was coach and he was always saying something that got fans all riled up. Like saying Peyton Manning returned for his senior year instead of going pro so that he could win another Citrus Bowl MVP trophy. It may have sold a few extra tickets.

2 years, 6 months ago on A&M Billboard Comes Down In Gainesville; Aggie Fans React; But Who Was Behind It?


I'm guessing a Gator paid for the billboard. Gator Nation is a term used around UF so they may have thought that term would apply to the Aggies.


Whoever put up the billboard, I think this is more interesting than watching the Gators on the field the past couple of years.

2 years, 6 months ago on Got Stupid? A&M Taunts UF With Billboard In Gainesville


 @John at MrSEC

 "but "playing it safe," ain't it"


I think he's saying that copying the nine conference game format of every other conference is playing it safe. Doing something different by having eight conference games takes more courage.



"Going from 7 games to 8 and adding a title game in '92 didn't work out quite so poorly."


Florida lost two of its biggest rivalries, Miami and Auburn. Miami is no longer on UF's schedule due to the demands of eight conference games. Auburn was Florida's most played rival before the game became a periodic cross division game.


I miss seeing UF play interesting out of conference games against different teams. The basketball team played Ohio State, Syracuse, Rutgers and Arizona last year. The football team never plays teams like that during the season any more.


Going to eight games had some good features but it also had some downsides.

2 years, 8 months ago on Shock Of Shocks: SEC To Consider A 9-Game Schedule Again


I'm trying to figure this out. As I understand it:


1) Six bowls will rotate the two playoff games.

2) The four bowls not hosting the two playoff games will fill open spots with the highest rated teams not making the playoffs.


How do they decide which bowl gets the 1 vs 4 game and which gets the 2 vs 3 game? For example does the Champions Bowl get preference for a playoff game with a Big12 or SEC team?


Will the non-playoff bowls have conference tie-ins? Would the Rose take lower ranked PAC-12 and Big 10 teams instead of a higher ranked team like TCU? Wouldn't bowls prefer a tie-in to a conference that puts fans in seats rather than possibly hosting Cincinnati vs Boise State?

2 years, 9 months ago on How The New Playoff Is A Good Thing (And A Bad Thing) For The SEC


If UNC or NC State join the SEC then their mountain will count. Until then only mountains in SEC states can be the highest.

2 years, 9 months ago on Dooley, UT Football Team Climb Tallest Mountain In Eastern U.S.


Based on attendance figures the Georgia game drew a pretty standard crowd for a mid week game, a little less than Arizona and a little more than North Florida. It doesn't look like there's much more interest in the Georgia game than any other game. My impression is that only Kentucky and FSU have any special interest to Gator basketball fans. A few people might complain about the changes in a forum like this but the vast majority of people won't care much.


 2/11/12   TENNESSEE               12249

 1/21/12  LSU                              12198

 3/4/12     KENTUCKY                 12113

1/28/12  MISSISSIPPI STATE     12045

 2/4/12   VANDERBILT                11270

12/22/11  FLORIDA STATE        11125

12/07/12  ARIZONA                    10531

 01/10/12  GEORGIA                  10506 

 2/21/12  AUBURN                      10150

11/11/11  JACKSON STATE       10059

11/25/11  JACKSONVILLE          10033

11/17/11  NORTH FLORIDA       10013

 2/2/12   SOUTH CAROLINA       10003

12/31/11  YALE                             9119

12/19/11  MISS VALLEY ST         8025

 01/03/12  UAB                             7512

2 years, 9 months ago on Slive Speaks: Football Rivalries Saved, Basketball Rivalries Dumped


Only Kentucky, Tennessee and Vanderbilt have much long term basketball tradition. I remember games in Alligator Alley where only a few hundred fans showed up. Even Kentucky games didn't sell out. Florida-Georgia is a rivalry in football but it's just another game in basketball. There doesn't seem to be anything special about Georgia's basketball team coming to town. I doubt many people will care whether UF and UGA play once or twice a year. Kentucky and Louisville have a big rivalry even though they only play once a year. Only a few people are going to care much about the SEC schedule changes.


Things change with time. LSU's biggest football rival was once Tulane. Now they don't even play. LSU fans don't seem diminished by the loss of that game.


Florida's biggest football rivals were once Georgia, Miami and Auburn. Scheduling conflicts eliminated two of those games. People barely seemed to notice losing the Auburn game. Tennessee became a rival instead of a team UF rarely played. Now after a few down years, Tennessee is just another game. People will adapt to the SEC changes just as UF fans have adapted through the years.

2 years, 9 months ago on Slive Speaks: Football Rivalries Saved, Basketball Rivalries Dumped


The Orlando Sentinel has been writing this kind of stuff for years. Larry Guest wrote this kind of stuff about Spurrier. I thought the Sentinel writer wrote a misleading story and agree with Meyer defending his player although he maybe got a little carried away. The player clearly meant to say Tebow wasn't a traditional drop back quarterback, not that he wasn't a "real quarterback" as quoted.


I think debates about about schedules and determining who is declared champion are healthy and am glad to hear coaches voicing their opinions. Spurrier makes a good point that his team was the best in the East so it should have gotten in the championship game and has two other coaches agreeing with him.


I remember a debate in 1979 when Georgia had a 5-4 record yet was 5-0 in the SEC and likely headed to the Sugar Bowl if they beat Auburn. There was some significant discussion about changing the way SEC teams are chosen for the Sugar Bowl. Alabama was undefeated but if I remember correctly Georgia had priority for the Sugar Bowl because Alabama had been there the year before. Auburn beat Georgia ending the controversy but Georgia could have gotten in the Sugar Bowl with a 6-5 record had they beaten Auburn and lost to Tech.

2 years, 10 months ago on Orlando Writer Takes Aim At Ex-UF Coach Meyer… Again


[Quote]How is it when (Georgia) signs people, they get the best, but when we play, we’ve got the best players?[/Quote]


Georgia coach Vince Dooley made the comment virtually every year before the Gator game that the Dawgs didn't stand a chance against all that talent on the Gator team yet his Dawgs dominated the Gators. After Dooley retired you'd still hear that comment every year until Spurrier finally made his response.

2 years, 10 months ago on Carolina's Spurrier Is Ready To Do Some More Talking


The BCS would look like this:


1 Syracuse

2 Kentucky


Any other games would be bowl games. People would be complaining that the Big East was in the championship game last year and shouldn't be in it again this year. Also we would need to expand to a plus one system because it's unfair to leave out the number 3 and 4 teams.


3 years ago on How Would The Tourney Look If We Just BCS'd It


Sounds like Auburn handled this appropriately. I don't see how any school could prevent something like this happening.

3 years ago on FBI Investigating AU's Ward In Point-Shaving Case


All this anger about schools switching conferences and coaches changing jobs seems to have started in the last few years. The first times I remember hearing much about it were when Miami and Virginia Tech left the Big East for the ACC and when Nick Saban left the Dolphins for Alabama. I don't remember much of a fuss about similar events before.


Is this a new phenomenon or was I just oblivious to it before?

3 years ago on Bitter Much? Big 12 Coaches Snub Media Coach Of The Year Haith At Mizzou


It sounds like this is mostly about marijuana. I'm libertarian about this. I don't see why schools should care about recreational drugs unless the player's performance is impaired by substance abuse. In that case they should treat it like a discipline/team rules problem and get the player into a rehab program.


I've heard of players having to produce a urine sample after NCAA tournament games for drug testing. Reading that ESPN article it sounds like there is no NCAA policy for recreational drugs. You can screen for performance enhancing drugs without testing for marijuana. I agree the NCAA should test for drugs such as steroids. Those certainly appear to give users a competitive advantage and in addition are dangerous, with life long side effects.

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The SEC only needs about three interesting games each week for ESPN and CBS. The other teams can play cupcakes and the networks won't care. An eight game schedule has benefits. For example, last year when Florida played Alabama both teams were undefeated. Two undefeated teams probably drew a lot more viewers than it would have if Florida had already lost an extra conference game. People probably watched the whole first half before they figured out that Florida wasn't very good. Better records draw more casual fans to watch TV games. Beefing up records on cupcakes makes teams more interesting when they finally play a tough game. I think the SEC can rearrange things to have some interesting games in weeks 1, 2 and 11.


People attending games may say they want more competitive games but I don't think they spend their money the way they talk. They are more likely to renew their season tickets to watch a team that wins games rather than a team that loses tough games. If Florida had just played SEC East teams and FSU last year and could have scheduled cupcakes for all other games UF would have finished the regular season 9-3. I think Gator fans would be spending more money on season tickets and merchandise this year. Instead UF finished the regular season 6-6 with ugly losses to Bama and LSU and fans were disgruntled.


Kentucky basketball is a good example. People pack their huge arena to watch non-competitive games against SEC teams.

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I don't think the SOS numbers measure strength of schedule very well.


Kentucky played Indiana, North Carolina, Kansas, Louisville, St. Johns and Penn State yet their SOS is dragged down because a few of their cupcake games were against teams with really low RPIs. Cupcake ratings have a disproportionately high effect on SOS.


Does it really matter if Radford is rated 329 or 100? It's a guaranteed win yet Radford's 329 rating has a huge effect on Kentucky's SOS that appears to falsely lower the quality of competition Kentucky faced. SOS should have some sort of diminishing effect factored in for opponents who are low rated. It shouldn't make much difference whether Kentucky played Chattanooga (305) or Lamar (129). Neither game is expected to be competitive.

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 @John at MrSEC

 Even when UF was winning national championships people in Florida didn't seem to care much about basketball.


There are a lot more fans at Gator games now days than in the past. Florida used to be horrible in basketball and nobody cared. I remember some games in the old arena (Alligator Alley) where it appeared there were only a few hundred people in the stands. Only the Kentucky game would have a decent crowd.


I hope they give St. Louis a try. It's not far from Kentucky and Missouri fans would show up too.

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I'm surprised ACC and Big East basketball aren't higher. I spent a few years at an ACC school and fans there were fanatical about basketball. ESPN announcers are always raving about the Big East and commenting about the SEC being just a football conference yet more people watch SEC basketball games.


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I've noticed that in-state recruits are much more likely to turn out well for UF than out of state recruits. Out of state recruits seem to be more likely to underperform their ratings, have criminal problems or flunk out than in-state recruits. Three star recruits from Florida high schools that UF recruiters visit regularly appear to me to out perform those five star recruits from New Jersey or Ohio. Recruits from Alabama seem especially unlikely to perform well at UF. I'd prefer UF stick to recruiting Florida where they can evaluate players better and only take an occasional out of state player.

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If you used a second venue for games you could play six games on the first day and keep a four day tournament like it is now.


For example, in Atlanta, Georgia Tech or Georgia State could be the second court for games on the first day. Vanderbilt could be the second court for a tournament in Nashville. I'm sure you can find a second court for two or three games in any other big city.


I think other schools would agree to schedule Kentucky games for the bigger arena so there wouldn't be any seating problems.

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"* An RPI of 67 or higher — In the last five years no team higher than RPI 67 has received an at-large bid"


I apologize if I'm being a grammar Nazi. I understand what you were writing but did you mean to use lower or better as the sixth word? The committee is looking for an RPI less than 67.

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I suspect you're right. I wonder how many former players that coach calls who no longer have eligibility left. The coach may have plausible deniability but I think his calls to his former players were essentially tampering.


If I were a Vanderbilt alumnus I wouldn't want to see my school behaving like other SEC schools. People don't go to Vanderbilt because of their football team; they go because it is a top quality academic school.

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I looked at the votes. It's mostly little schools who opposed this rule. Only a few big schools like the four SEC schools above voted to override. I'm guessing smaller schools give out fewer scholarships and are more likely to cut underperformers.

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"The man is averaging 20 wins per year and he’s taken the Dogs to six NCAA Tournaments and four NITs in his thirteen seasons."

That is a good record at a school with little basketball tradition. If MSU runs their coach off I suspect their next coach won't have as good a record.

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The link in item #3 is broken. It works if you delete the mrsec stuff before

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I think the writer is correct that Mizzou and A&M will have some regrets in losing their biggest rivals but it makes it easier when it's their rivals refusing to play any more. I'm hoping Mizzou and A&M will feel at home in the SEC.

Seems like West Virginia may have some regrets. If you look at a map West Virginia doesn't fit in the Big 12. I think that's an unstable fit.

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I think the new rules are an improvement but it still leaves coaches an incentive to run off under-performers so they can sign someone in their place. Coaches will become more subtle about how they run off players.

I'd like to see a lower limit on players a school can sign each year and elimination of the maximum total scholarship limit. That would mean a school couldn't sign an extra player if they ran off an under-performer. If Stanford, Northwestern and Wake Forest can manage with about 19 scholarships a year other schools can do it too.

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