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@erivera7 @Chocclair Worst case: Avery Johnson but with height?  Best case: Magic Johnson but with lack of height? 

3 days, 14 hours ago on Grades: Orlando Magic 95, New Orleans Pelicans 84


@erivera7 @funny80sguy Yeah, agreed.  Since Jacque Vaughn was sorta the face of the franchise, he didn't exactly present a "I'm all into analytics" persona.  Going by their draft picks the last few years, I'm guessing that the Magic value some kind of defensive analytic model while others teams are probably valuing offense (Oladipo, A. Gordon, and Payton aren't what you would call offense-oriented players).  I just hope it isn't taking a road that will set the Magic back several years.

Plus, I really miss SVG.

3 days, 14 hours ago on Where do the Magic rate with analytics?


Going by the arbitrary rankings, I guess I wished the Magic were "Believers" as opposed to 'One Foot In' (but not 'All In'). 

3 days, 19 hours ago on Where do the Magic rate with analytics?


I always found it fascinating that Channing Frye virtually came out of nowhere with his 3-pt shooting at Phoenix.  It's like he had a bizarro career progression where he had a decent rookie season that regressed for 2-3 years into a 11th or 12th man and then suddenly exploded into a viable player as if the previous years hadn't happened.

4 days, 19 hours ago on The evolution of Channing Frye


@erivera7 I would disagree with the notion that keeping SVG would be pointless.  I would have loved to see SVG developing young talent, and I think he would have been tremendous at it.  With that said, SVG probably put the nail in his coffin with that awkward Q&A session where he threw Dwight under the bus.

2 years, 6 months ago on Dwight Howard traded to Lakers


About the Basketball Prospectus article on team standings, while in a vacuum, it is true that if Atlanta had the 4th best record versus that Magic's 5th best record, Atlanta would have home court and the Magic would be in trouble; however, those standings don't take into account that the team that wins the Atlantic division can be no lower than the 4th seed. 


For sake of argument, if the standings BP predicts bears out, Boston would become the 4th seed despite having the 6th best record because they would win the Atlantic division and would play against Atlanta's 5th seed (however Atlanta would have home court advantage against Boston due to the superior record).  Magic would drop to 6th and play the the 3rd seed Pacers (a much more favorable matchup for the Magic despite not having home court).

2 years, 10 months ago on Friday's Magic Word


Very interesting article; however, I prefer Charles Barkley's more succinct analysis on how he got his rebounds, "I just go get the damn ball."

3 years, 1 month ago on Dwight Howard’s art of rebounding


I always like these kind of write-ups. Both informative and interesting.

3 years, 1 month ago on Hedo Turkoglu in crunch time


I'm of two minds here.

1. Yes, in the most horrible of scenarios where Dwight leaves, we should absolutely blow up this team. Miami and several other teams with still-in-their-prime stars are going to dominate in the next few years anyway, so it is really in the Magic's best interest to bide their time and wait out the current superstar storm instead of some quixotic attempt to battle the current established contenders. With Dwight, you should go all in and try because we actually do have a good shot, but without him, there is no point. The current stars will eventually slow down and a new crop will take their place in 5 years or so. We should position ourselves to be ready with the new crop when it is time.

2. In the end, this is Devos' team, and it's his money paying the salaries and luxury tax (if applicable). Frankly, whatever he wants done with this team, he should be able to do it (outside of performing criminal acts against his employees, that is, like taking random employees or players to a secluded island where he and some other rich friends hunt the employees like they are wild boar or foxes . . . I've seen "Surviving the Game" starring Ice-T and Rutger Hauer, so I know for a fact that is what rich people do in their spare time (along with playing "Paddle"). If Devos wants a veteran team to compete, and he feels what with his remaining time on earth, that's the way to do it, then so be it.

3 years, 2 months ago on For the Magic, love is stronger than logic


@CarloSimone Plus, Q is a quality locker room guy. Even when he wasn't playing last year, he was always jumping up from the bench and cheering guys on. Sometimes, it's the small things that make a lot of difference.

3 years, 2 months ago on The Magic’s bench needs to improve


I love Turk. That man has given me the best memories of watching my favorite team. I was there in Portland when he nailed the last second game winning 3 pointer on a final 9-0 run in the 08/09 season. The year before that, he nailed a game winner against Boston on Christmas Day and pantomimed how massive his balls were while running back to the bench. He saved the series against Philadelphia in '09 with yet another game-winning 3. Several years ago, he was the one who threw the lob pass from out of bounds to Dwight for the game-winning slam on Tim Duncan and the Spurs.

I know this more an emotional check as oppose to a reality check (his contract vs his current production et al), but I would love for Turk to retire a Magic. If Dwight were to be traded, I would hate for Turk to go with him. Again, I fully understand that it would actually be more beneficial for the Magic to rid themselves of Turk's contract, but I'm speaking from my gut and unconditional mancrush I have for Turk.

On the highly unlikely chances that the Magic keep Dwight for the season AND the Magic somehow made it to the Finals and won it (they would have to luck out by having other teams lose key players to injuries . . . a lot of teams and a lot of injuries in fact), I wouldn't mind Turk's jersey being retired right after Dwight's.

3 years, 2 months ago on Can Hedo Turkoglu redeem himself?