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So much involved just to hook that clunky piece of garbage up. I can only imagine all the frustrated parents trying to hook that thing up for impatient kids on Christmas morning.


I think I remember reading about this in a magazine. I'm glad that gimmicky accessories never really interested me. Most of them are such a waste of money.

3 years ago on Virtual Reality Stuntmaster


I've never actually seen these in action before. I wear glasses and I can't see the TV screen without them unless I'm really close. I've heard people say that the movie theatre 3D glasses are uncomfortable over prescription glasses. So I can't imagine how weird the Master System glasses must feel.

3 years ago on Sega 3D Glasses


My brother had one of the toys. I think it was the plant monster. But I played with it more than he did. I only vaguely remember the series though. I'm a girl but I mostly watched the cartoons aimed at boys in the 80s and 90s.

3 years, 4 months ago on Inhumanoids cartoon review