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Beautiful tribute. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Untitled Because I Have No Words


Love it!  Let's file a class action suit. :)

2 years, 7 months ago on Who can I sue?


Well, there's no guarantee the list will be completed, but here's what I'd LIKE to do:

paint the exterior

build a deck with firepit and outside BBQ

paint son's room

redecorate daughter's room

build shelves in living room

build window seat in office

finish office shelves

tile fireplace in basement

install shelves in playroom

finish crown molding

install closet/storage in laundry room

fix AC

install skylights

install sprinklers in front yard

build water feature

shelves in garage

refinish floors

replace carpet (cleaned it and still ugly)

new drapes

wall art w/ kids' handprints/fingerprints

finish daughter's closet

build son a closet

build daughter a closet

finish closet in guest room

fix shower door handle

seal concrete

fix son's light

have electrician permanently power sump pump

landscaping lights

refinish furniture

spinning bookshelf

decorate playroom

frame kid art and hang

new family portrait



2 years, 7 months ago on DIY Home Repairs & Updates List


Love the lesson here.  I see people burn bridges when they change careers or jobs or relationships and it's not necessary.  Everything you do has value that you build upon as you change and grow - destroying any of it is like denying parts of yourself.   Another great post Margie! 

2 years, 9 months ago on Rebuilding Versus Destroying


Wow - very intense things to think about here.  I've definitely had moments of completely opposite emotions - can't think of specifics right now, just remember the feeling of puzzling about it to myself. 

2 years, 10 months ago on Opposing forces and unsolvable mysteries


I can't wait to meet everyone.  I am in Denver too - I'd love to participate in any meetups or planning by locals if you need help.  My blog is

2 years, 10 months ago on FinCon Local Denver Meetup and Hotel Site Visit


Very true and applicable across many fields. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Cómo se dice… “Strategic Communications”?


Fabulous post Margie and one I've been struggling with too.  I have been wondering about the value to brands for me to review and post about their products.  I have my social media friends - when they post product stuff I tend to ignore it (maybe am influenced 10%) but mostly I'm waiting to hear their personal stuff or their thought provoking stuff (like this) or their funny stuff.  



3 years ago on Myth: Marketing consists of just talking to people (or what is Social Media Marketing)


Love it! And I love your lists. I think it is clear you know the bloggers and posts in depth aka compliment when you highlight posts or blogs. I always click when I see your titles like that because I know I'm going to get quality.

Great, great post (as usual).

3 years, 2 months ago on Jerks, Truth-Tellers, Link Bait, and Compliments


@margieclayman Thanks Margie! By the way, I also had zero idea that you were a little person and it means about as much to me as if you had said you were a natural blonde. Your personality is huge as is your heart. I love the discussions you raise and the thought provoking ideas you continually provide. Keep it up!

3 years, 3 months ago on A Little Person Blogger or a Little Person Who Blogs


Very personal post, Margie. Thank you so much for sharing. I struggle with this.

There is a little person in the school that my daughter goes to, but my older kids go to a different school and saw him for the first time at a school carnival. My 7 yo son was fascinated. I'm not sure he'd ever seen a little person before. We've talked about "people look different, but we're all people" before. It's easy to do with race or disabilities because there are lots of examples and it becomes common and therefore not noteworthy. But there aren't as many little people around for my children to be exposed enough that it isn't noteworthy to them.

Do you have any suggestions from your experience on ways parents have handled their curiosity that was done well?

Here's a post I wrote about this issue actually:

3 years, 3 months ago on A Little Person Blogger or a Little Person Who Blogs


I like @LisaPetrilli 's comment because ultimately I think that is where we need to go. Each person needs to figure out how to capitalize on their individual strengths and passions and find a way to make a living using them.

And - this may be an unpopular statement - but I also have come to believe that there are some gender differences inherent from birth. I would have argued up and down against that when I was younger, but after 15 years in a corporate environment and also raising both boys and girls - there is a difference. The difference does not mean that either one couldn't be successful in traditional opposite gender jobs, but they may approach it differently.

As for the "problem" - Part of it is that the "bosses" are predominately male and older. What they value and see as a "leader" is a somewhat dated stereotype. As we grow as a culture, I believe that will shift to evaluating individuals rather than trying to fit people into certain categories. I hope so anyway.

I have a fairly masculine behavior style - I am direct, decisive, and very logical. I rarely make decisions based on emotions. I excelled at math and science in school and the only two jobs I knew I wasn't suited for were teacher or nurse.

I am also one of the 70's children that are paving this way of women in leadership jobs that are also trying to balance home and family. I think we have an expectation of ourselves to do it all and be it all, which is incredibly stressful and difficult to balance happily. As a generation, I believe this is something we are learning to navigate - to forgive ourselves for not doing it all - being CEO and PTA president while making every meal from scratch and ironing all the clothes.

So what do I think is coming? More of a pendulum swing back to center like @JudyDunn suggested. We have swung pretty wildly to each end and hopefully are now slowing down to a sustainable expectation of people finding the path that allows them to use their strengths and follow their passions to benefit themselves, their families, and society.

Sorry for the length! Got a little soap boxy I'm afraid...

3 years, 3 months ago on #WomenWednesday Women Aren't Mean Enough To Win


Thanks so much Margie! You've definitely given me a great reading list to keep me occupied over break. :)

3 years, 4 months ago on Margie Clayman’s 100 Favorite Blog Posts of 2011