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Not much to add, other than I always love reading this series. Thanks Ben!

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With as much heat as Hamilton has gotten this year ( mostly deserved) he should at least get some credit for a solid game plan against Watt in both Texans games. Considering the quality of this offensive line, Watt could have dominated one or both of those games, but was relatively quiet (for him).

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@Nate Dunlevy I respect your opinion, but I think you are over-valuing a second round pick. A solid starter (certainly not great or shut down, but not terrible) for a 2 is a reasonable value. He was better then the other guys we had on the roster, especially at man coverage. He's certainly not a top 10 corner or anything, but I think expecting that from a late 2nd rounder would be a stretch. 

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If Pep Hamilton calls for a Richardson run on the 1st and goal, and he get's stuffed or loses yardage, I can hear the choruses of "Why do they think we're a running team, we can't run. We should give Luck the ball he's our best player". I don't love Hamilton's play calling all the time by any mean, but I think at this point he can't win with the fans...

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I needed this article before the Thursday night game. I ended up rooting for the Dolphins, which I think was the right call. The Bengal's loss gives the Colts a better shot at a bye. However, the Dolphins now have the three way tie breaker between the Colts and Bengals. That should only come into play if Miami overtakes the Patriots for the division (or both the Bengals and Colts collapse back to the wildcard) though.

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@GregC @colts254fan I read an article in the Star a week or two back that stated there were 17 crews.

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I'm not seeing how the play calling was conservative in the second half. By my quick count, even before the last drive, the Colts had called 8 run plays and 13 pass plays. Again, excluding the last drive, on first downs in the second half, the Colts had 3 rushes and 5 passes. On the 3 out drive, it was pass, run, run. But running on 2nd and 3 and 3rd and 1 doesn't seem overly conservative to me. Especially the 3rd down play where they seemed to be trying to quick snap it and catch Miami off guard. On the 5 and out drive, they ran twice and threw 3 times. Again, it doesn't seem overly conservative to me.

Certainly the offense was much less effective in the second half. It seems like the Colts didn't adjust well to Miami clamping down on the wide receivers. I didn't, however, see a lot of evidence that they were happy to try and sit on a 3 point lead.

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