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This article is completely cherry picking information to form at best a biased opinion & at worst an ignorant one.  You are comparing stats that do not take into account:

1.  Who the QB is throwing to (guys who weren't even on the roster for the first half of the season). 5/11 of the offensive starters were injured for the entire season. That's about half of the offense. 

2. The garbage work the GM did last season (the only season Foles was a starter & under Chip Kelly) - look that was one of the worst draft & FA signing ever. If Grigson didn't have Andrew Luck & Bruce Arians to make him look good year 1 - that guy would be toast for what he did last year. 

3. A defense that was ranked in the bottom 7 of the league

4. Has an OC who thinks he has a better offensive line than he does & thinks he has a good RB so he comes up with plays that only magnifies their team's weaknesses & ties Luck's hands until at the end of games when they finally let him play and rescue them.  Luck has 11 4th quarter comebacks & the highest these past two years in the entire league for a reason. 

5. A head coach who would rather punt than compete who is bad on defense and worse on offense and if he hadn't gotten sick & wasn't so likable he'd be toast. 

6. The interior offensive line was awful & still is - the center was fired this season & replaced w/ one just as bad

7. Trent Richardson was so bad, he didn't even deserve to be a backup RB & Colts lost a first round for that garbage performance.  Donald Brown wasn't much better when he was the featured back & did help to save them somewhat toward the end of the season.  

The Eagles had the least amount of injuries. Chip Kelly is an offensive genius. The weapons on that offense was unreal & they had great solid protection. Foles has won 9 games and Andrew Luck has won 22. Adrew Luck has won a playoff game and Foles has not.  

If you were to ask all 32 GM or 32 coaches who they'd want to build their team around or WRs who'd they want to play with? At least 99% if not 100% would say Luck.  If Foles had the Colts' GM, HC, & lack of talent - he'd be at 2-4Ws. or injured several times more than he was & fired by now.  And if not for Luck that GM & HC would be on the hot seat by now. Haslam would have fired them already if they had Foles & did the crap job they did last season with any other QB besides the current elite 4 QBs.  Remember that first season, Bruce Arians was in charge & he's building a superbowl juggernaut in the NFC W.  

1 week, 6 days ago on Has Nick Foles Surpassed Andrew Luck?