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Got to be practical. This is a team 2 years removed from 2-14. We've lost several starters we could not afford to lose. Bad game for the defense but I'm OK where they are going. Must improve interior OL and get a #2 receiver next year. We'll win the AFC South but "best in class" is still in the future. We must keep Luck unharmed; physically and mentally = roll himout of the pocket please and go back to pass sets up run like last year. I like the run first strategy but we simply don'y have the horses Chuck!!!

1 year, 5 months ago on WEEK 10 REPORT CARD: COLTS VS RAMS


Every team has a bad day and this was not a focused effort. That said we need to look at both losses this year. Colts are very weak at the linebacker position when it comes to pass coverage. Freeman is the best by far and just average in this category. Expect other teams to attack the same way.

1 year, 6 months ago on Tuesday Morning Moaner: Colts at Chargers


I really thought Davis was the Def plater of the game. It was his coverage and tip that Darius took to the house. He also had an int and blanketed whoever he covered all day. He's becoming special

1 year, 6 months ago on Week 4 Report Card: Colts at Jaguars


Just want to state that I think T-Rich is going to be great. He had a couple of mistakes choosing where to run but I chalk that up to less than 72 hours on the team. We ran him several times on 1st and ten and first contact was between 0 and 1 yard. It took several tacklers and he got 3-4 yards. I think Pep would love 2nd and 6 everytime with his offense. He had 3.5 YPC last year with broken ribs. If he can get past the injury bug, big things from him and Bradshaw. They should be the ONLY options for 4th and 1....

1 year, 7 months ago on GIFtastic: A random collection of great moments in the Colts' win over the 49ers


I really think the Colts played much better than the week before and saw sig improvement from some of the key players we've all been hoping for. To me, Pep is the real rookie out there. I know he has prev NFL exp but he appears to be basing the new offense on what worked at Stanford. Not everything that works in college works in the Pros and as he (hopefully) makes these adjustments we'll get better and be a better team (not record) than last year

1 year, 7 months ago on Film Review: How the Colts failed to gain a yard on their final four plays


The challenge for the rest of the season will continue to be generating a pass rush up front. Yesterday the Colts got pressure by amping up the blitz. This allowed the one on one coverage the Dolphins used to carve us up with short to mid-range passing. We'll need to pick our poison until we can get the pressure from the D-Line and OLBs

1 year, 7 months ago on Colts Fall Short Against Miami, 24-20