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Following on from Nick's comment above - you need to get a grip. There have been a very few occasions - I can only think of one - where Amazon have deleted a book remotely in a situation where it was identified that the book should never have been sold in the first place. That the book was 1984 was kind of ironic, but it doesn't make it an evil corporation. I'm unclear whether your objection is to large corporations or to cloud technology? If the former, I would think there are far clearer possible targets of your ire than Amazon; if the latter, just don't use it - no-one is forcing cloud services on anyone and it is perfectly possible to live without. Of course, I signed into this using my Google+ account, so no doubt you will simply dismiss anything I say as I am an ignorant sheep whose opinions count for nothing. As for your petulant comment about posting just to get attention from tech-types, surely that's precisely what a tech site should do?

I personally found this site very helpful. I am not hugely techie but am experimenting with Linux desktops for cost reasons. I will be using the Amazon Reader site a lot, I suspect. In fact, it will likely replace my application installations on my other PCs.

One thing worth noting, although the site is it has worked perfectly well for my account.

3 years, 4 months ago on Linux users can now read Kindle ebooks on their desktop with Amazon Cloud Reader