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Also not the deep South.  Its the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.  Those cows are fed locally grown organic hay and have better health care than you or me.  Its been impossible to get the shit kicked out of you for wearing spandex for at least 10 years in Oregon.  Those are some great roads for a bike race though- maybe better than the real Roubaix!

1 month ago on Capturing the Gravel Action: Rouge Roubaix 2015 Race Highlights Video from the Cat 1/2 Race


Its my understanding that participation-wise, the Cross Crusade series is the largest in the USA and the MFG series is right up there. Remind me again of the turnout at Woodland Park this year? Is it a coincidence that the races with the highest turnout numbers in the Northwest are non USAC sanctioned? The numbers seem to speak for themselves. I don't see how a USAC takeover can be a good thing for the sport of cyclocross. Even at the elite level. Those elite racers have to come from somewhere and start out in the entry level categories. If cyclocross wasn't such a backwater sport in the eyes of the general public, maybe more of the elite racers could actually make a living at it.

3 years, 4 months ago on USA Cycling Responds: Cyclocross Support and Independent Sanctioning Bodies