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Give me an over achieving Miller, Cronin or Davis at UT any day of the week unless the UTAD agreed to pay for Marshall or Smart. All are at basketball schools unless you want to claim Cincy is now a football school. In reality Cincy is and will remain a basketball school for some time to come. When you take city type schools to the NCAA nearly every years while playing under the shadow of the state's school, tOSU, you know what you are doing and can do it with lesser talent.

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" Martin was never embraced in Knoxville for one reason — he wasn’t Pearl. "

Nope. Maybe for a vocal few. He really wasn't embraced because of how he coached basketball. Pearl had issues as a coach as well. Truth is Zo did not recruit well overall and was a poor offensive coach and game manager. He did no achieve or over achieve. He under achieved until the last 10 games of this past season - when he achieved by virtue of going against lesser accomplished and talented teams.

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Do y'all want to hear a different, more realistic view or do you want to cling to this silly petition runs off a coach conspiracy?

How about Zo understanding where he stood with the UTAD, boosters, and most of the fan base after the second aTm loss and realizing it is a tough gig at UT? How about him and his family not really adapting to the Knoxville area? It really isn't for everybody. How about him being lucky enough to hit a stretch of games leading into the SEC tourney that was as weak as any he could ask for at that stage of the season? Especially since the team had not won more than two games in a row all season to that point - with a upper classmen dominated squad with some real talent in a talent void SEC. To that point he had lost close games with 2-4 time outs yet to use when the games ended. He would have no Plan B half time adjustments, much less during the game. The players were not even listening to him. The winning streak at the end built confidence. They knew the second season could turn it all around if they got the bid. Which also was way below expectation of pre-season at a 11 seed play-in game.

I will give him Season One as a good accomplishment. But in Season Two he had an experienced Golden, McRae and Stokes as his core. Then he starts out as bad as Season Three with an experienced PG added along with good young talent. Nope. Not buying the petition. Buying the he got lucky playing some lower seeds with an experienced team in the AA tourney that built confidence for the Michigan show down. If he stays which I doubt, he needs an offensive coach that he hands the reins to or we will back here in this discussion a couple of years. If he goes they could end up with one of three coaches that have been where no Tennessee team has EVER gone - the Final Four - if they get Marshall, Howland or Smart. Howland only has to be asked. Zo gets to go back to his precious Mid-West where his .600 winning percentage keeps him well paid and in the AA tourney due to the media bias up there. Win-win.

JMO like everybody else on here.  

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