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I'm currently temporarily located in Denver, CO - but my heart and 'home' is back in Tallahassee, FL, where the greatest small local business of all time resides: Tallahassee Rock Gym. Not only did this small, smelly warehouse entirely change my life by introducing me to a sport that has now taken over my soul, this small business has become my family. The owner, Rich, has helped me get through hard times, entertains my strong desires to help his PR/event coordinating, and the members of this gym all hold the facility in their heart in a similar way. We've spent 48 hours at a time working on the walls, cleaning the floors, doing everything we can - because we love to be there.

Some months there is hardly any money made, but this business isn't about profits - it's about the climbing community. Tally Rock Gym is hardly just a business, it's a family.

Check 'em out at - or on facebook at

3 years, 4 months ago on Support Local Businesses with Social Media and Win (Contest)