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I love to go shopping at the many locally owned businesses in downtown State College, PA. Rapid Transit Sports ( on Allen Street has been locally owned and operated since 1984. I've recently had a lot of problems with the sciatic nerve in my left leg. Physical therapy and chiropractic work have helped relieve some of it but what has really made a big difference in my pain every day has been a new, good pair of shoes. But how can you be sure to find the shoes that are right for you? Shoe shopping can be so frustrating!

The folks at Rapid Transit know feet. Not only will they take the time to assist you in finding the perfect shoes for your unique feet, they will give you a satisfaction guarantee with your purchase. If the sneakers don't work for you, bring them back within 3 weeks and they will give you another pair. Seriously. A brand new, totally different pair to try out in their place. You can even do this more than once! They want to make sure that you are satisfied and comfortable in your own shoes. That's a fantastic deal! How many times have you purchased shoes, tried them on the store, then actually worn them around for a few days and it's Blister City, USA? Awful! Sneakers are expensive and pain-free tootsies are important!

Me (flat feet with a tendency to over-pronate!) and my mother (plantar faciitis! ack!) have found such great relief thanks to the folks at Rapid Transit. I just went again this week to pick up my special inserts for my non-athletic shoes that they had ordered in for me. Everyone is so friendly and goes out of their way to find what you need. Rapid Transit also has other great merchandise ranging from sweatpants to bumper stickers. They could not be more helpful and take the time to make sure your shoes are the perfect fit!

3 years, 4 months ago on Support Local Businesses with Social Media and Win (Contest)