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My former colleague, Chris Boudreaux said it best in the November/December edition of Consulting Magazine. "The big [advertising and PR] agencies live and breathe media all day, every day, but they are challenged because achieving business outcomes through social media requires internal changes to business processes, systems integration, and organizational change management - and the agencies don't know how to do these things."

And regarding consulting firms, Chris says, "Comapnies don't need an army of consultants for implementations, so it's hard for the larger consultancies to create offerings that generate significant revenue for them."

Did I mention that prior to joining Converseon, Chris was former Accenture?

From the client side of the world, I can tell all of you with full confidence that I'm agnostic to what name is on the door of the company knocking on mine offering social business solutions. What I care about is who's knocking and the experience they have in change management. If the perception of a CMO is that a PR agency shouldn't be providing the level of organizational restructuring services necessary to develop real business outcomes through social media, then think about how you package your offering. Companies such as RAPP created Cultura - their cultural anthropology arm specifically designed to deflect any concerns over a direct marketing agency getting into the business of "people".

I'm rambling. I suggest reading the article I referenced Chris from.

-Craig Daitch, Digital Communications, Ford Motor Company

3 years, 4 months ago on Should Your PR Firm Be Your Social Business Advisor