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I live in the Wilson, NC area. I am a small business owner myself, so I am very consientious about advertising for other local small businesses through my business facebook page, particularly. The 2 that I always go back to are Theresa's Bows ( @theresa socha small ) , a local mom wo makes hairbows and tutus for so many of the little girls in our area. The other is Erin Mitchell Photography ( @erin combs mitchell ). There are a large number of people with small home-based businesses in our area, and in order for them to expand and help Wilson's economy, I think we all need to support each other and get the word out, because there are a lot of people who just don't know that we exist. There are also a plethora of small, independent businesses in Wilson (restaurants, shops, etc.) and my family always chooses to support those places whenever possible instead of shopping or eating at chains, and we pass on our compliments to those places by mouth to anyone who will listen. Nik's Pizza in Kenly, NC is the best example I have of that place.

3 years, 4 months ago on Support Local Businesses with Social Media and Win (Contest)