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Wow.. I'm shocked. My condolences to the family for this most unfortunate loss. 

2 years, 4 months ago on One of the Good Guys: “Jersey” Mike Van Jura – in Memoriam


Great contest Ken, I'm happy to chime in because I share your heart for local organizations. One such local organization near to my heart is Forgotten Voices, a nonprofit located in Dillsburg, PA that is focused on helping children orphaned by AIDS. Their approach is to partner with community leaders in Zimbabwe and Zambia to empower the local people there to take on local projects. This method decreases foreign dependence and provides an incredibly effective approach to help alleviate poverty and holistically care for orphaned kids. Check them out at or on twitter at @forgottenvoices .

Happy holidays to all, thanks again for encouraging others to shop and give locally this year!


3 years, 4 months ago on Support Local Businesses with Social Media and Win (Contest)