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Nate Hughart - you crazy optimist you. Wow- I thought I was going out on a limb predicting a 40% win ration or roughly 33 games. I agree that there does seem to be a whole different dynamic about the team this preseason. For once it seems like the team is not only saying the right things but actually has some idea what they need to do and I've never had that perception from the team during that past 3 seasons. At some point the team either has to get better or you have to start another rebuild, so let's hope you're right and the 2012-2013 season is  where it finally all starts to come together and we begin to expect more wins than losses.

2 years, 6 months ago on Is it possible the Kings could win 50 games? | October


Nate, you saved me about 82 games trying to figure the fucking team out. Your best piece, no doubt.



2 years, 6 months ago on Discussing the current state of the Kings | September


 @Nate Hughart Mixed. For JT's sake I''m glad he got paid. After 4 years in Sac on a really bad team, having to put up with multiple coaches, disarray everywhere, potential team move, losses galore etc., I'm glad he got paid.


Under the new CBA I'm not thrilled with it. On it's face it seems fairly reasonable but this could easily turn into a Cisco type K in a few years. You could pick up a player like Dominic McGuire, Anthony Tolliver, Darnell Jackson or Rob Kurtz for that matter who will give around 70 - 80% of what JT will give you for less than half the price.


I don't think he's untradeable by any means but if/when the Kings trade him after the 13-14 season (for example) it's going to be more of a salary dump type trade rather than one that brings back value for JT the player type trade. On the other hand, that's probably true for just about every role player in the league.


I think he's good to have on the team for this upcoming season while TRob gets his feet under him, not so good when DMC is looking for his max contract. Overall it's the kind of loyal vet contract Petrie has done with many players but the Beno/Cisco contracts should have taught our FO  that several MLE type contracts can screw with your cap situation just as well as one large K can. If the long 2 point shot is the worst shot in basketball then over paying for average players is the front office equivalent.


So my long ass answer to your ridiculously short question is that having or not having JT on the Kings is not going to make much of a difference to the teams future. I like JT.

2 years, 8 months ago on Jason Thompson gets it, and getting it is why JT got a 5 year deal | July


I still have hope after almost irrevocably giving up any hope I had that  Reke finally gets it. The reason why I still believe he can begin to realize the promise he showed in his rook season is that to a large degree he's playing for his career in the upcoming season. If he regains his career trajectory All - Star games and max type contracts are still possible. If not, MT23's or less MLE  type contracts, multiple trades and the dreaded journeyman label await.

2 years, 8 months ago on Jason Thompson gets it, and getting it is why JT got a 5 year deal | July


Clint - thanks for the reply - wan't expecting further analysis. I have no doubt that Buss would approve the King's relocation to any market other than SoCal's in a Tijuana second. As you clearly pointed out the only possible way the Maloofs make any more chedder to go with their whine is to move to SoCal. Seattle doesn't do it, Vancouver doesn't do it, KC no way. The only potential the Maloof's have to become more wealthy and to remain celebrity rich is a move to Anaheim. Because of what I stated in my original comment and because I also can't believe that Stern will allow George Maloof's disrespectful actions at the last BoG's meeting  to stand without consequences I don't  see the relocation committee  approving another Maloof request to move to SoCal. At least  that is a possibility, actually I think it's a greater possibility that the Maloofs are forced to divest themselves of the Kings and go for the cycle finally being known for blowing the family fortune and for not blowing the only money they couldn't touch. Unfortunately, by then, the King's will no longer be the Sacramento Kings.

2 years, 11 months ago on When Kings Are Deposed: The Maloofs' Small Pockets


As a long time King's fan who no longer lives in Sacramento I went thru the 5 stages of grief last spring when the organization filed for relocation. I emailed every team owner, manager or politician who Tom Ziller or Here We Stay asked us to. I watched Sacramento City Council meetings online (something nobody should have to do), donated $60 when James Hamn was soliciting funds to finish Small Market Big Heart, in short I have been fairly engaged in the effort to keep the Kings in Sac.


However, once the BoG's Relocation Committee turned down the Maloof's request to move to Anaheim I have been a wary King's fan, not totally engaged and not willing to emotionally engage not because of the teams appalling mediocrity but because and despite KJ's excellent leadership along with community groups like Here We Stay and major effort from the Stern and the NBA, the Maloof family is a wildcard that almost defies description. An outsider who has not followed the Kings closely and for a long period of time simply cannot understand how bad the family is at doing business. The only thing the boys have proved adept at is dissipating the family fortune earned by their father Joe.


After their relocation was denied the fellows stepped back and for a long period of time culminating with their refusal to accept the terms as set out in the working agreement the Maloof boys were out of the picture painted here in NorCal was for all practical purposes the Kings were being run by the NBA. Soon after the draft everybody's attention turned to CBA negotiations and for small market fans we were very interested how the Revenue Sharing program would be addressed.


Despite probably 4 hours per day I spend online reading and commenting on all things NBA I haven't found anything that clearly outlines how the new NBA revenue sharing works going forward. What I have read indicates that the Buss family agreed to contribute a larger amount than they had initially expected to. What makes the Buss families situation unique is that if the NBA relocation committee approves the Kings or any other teams request to move into the Lakers media market it reduces the value of the Lakers newly signed television contract by somewhere by $300 - $500 million. That's real money and I can't see how the Busses would agree to pay a larger contribution into the revenue sharing program funded by that newly signed television contract without somehow protecting it's value. When you take what the Maloofs already owe on their highly leveraged Kings purchase with the many hundred of millions of dollars to make the Buss and Sterling groups whole makes no economic sense even to a wealthy felon like Samueli  and that's not taking into consideration any market protection actions Buss may have negotiated prior to agreeing to increase funding into the new revenue sharing program.


Do you have any insight Clint? Great post by the way.

2 years, 11 months ago on When Kings Are Deposed: The Maloofs' Small Pockets


I literally didn't watch a minute of college ball this year and have no idea who looks like a legit player and who looks like a lot of potential. I think if the Kings land a pick in the 3 -5 range or somehow miraculously grab the # 1 pick range they keep it, roll the dice, if they end up in the 6-8 in the upper range you look to combine the pick with some pieces and you look for either for a solid vet or try  to pawn off Salmons or Cisco and maybe Jimmer onto a team with the need for youth and rookie contracts


I know in the past you've disagreed with David Thorpe and I don't know you're familiar of his theory of the royal jelly which in essence says that any team can only afford to develop a small number of projects at one time and you have to make a decision who you are going to give playing and coaching time to, who you are going to work closely with in the off season etc. His point is the players who get the Royal Jelly are the players who develop the most and become your best home grown talent. He's backed it up with a lot of stats and I think he makes a lot of sense.


I still think Reke and Cuz need a lot of development and the Kings are at the point where they don't really benefit with two more rookies unless they can bring in veteran talent and improve their own player development process which I view as one of the Kings major weaknesses. Typically the team meets with the rooks and young vets, gives them a development plan and pat them on the ass as they walk out the door and wish them a productive summer and be in Vegas by this date or see you in September. That's proven not to work. 


My main point Nate is how many more rookies can the team assimilate while adding two more rookies when they haven't successfully shown that they can develop the young players they already have? As to your point about leadership, in my view that's a quality that rooks are not known to bring. When given a few years to develop into more than replacement level players some of the young players develop into leaders. Is there truly any rookies who the Kings can draft this year who are going to come into summer league and then training camp equipped with the leadership skill set? I'm skeptical.

2 years, 11 months ago on Should the Kings go for talent or leadership in the upcoming draft? | May


Nate, good post and not surprisingly I agree with all of it. All groups tend to be tribal and tend to support their own and believe this would include the owners on the BoG as well. The worse we treat the Maloofs the worse it will reflect on Sacramento and as hard as it seems to believe now could actually turn them into something close to sympathetic figures. Fans should continue to support the team next season and if the fans in Sac are thought of as the most respectful in the league, good for us. In the end all the anger and lack of team support will turn the league against Sac fans faster than anything else. This story is not over, the end is not written, keep the faith that the Maloofs are self destructive and will ultimately hang themselves if given enough rope.

3 years ago on Should Kings fans support the Kings in spite of the Maloofs? | April


Really the bad, incredibly stupid foul make was under the hoop when he didn't get the call he wanted. He didn't have have many boards tonight but the ones he got were amazing. I'd forgotten just hoe long he is. The main thing for me from Boog tonight was to see running back on D. I know Gasol is no speedster but Cuz was streaking (a relative term I know) back when compared to his loping returns earlier this season. 


IT started the game playing phenomenally well and he and Marcus really lit a fire under the team offensively. The only thing I can't understand about his game are those nights when he just doesn't have it but on nights like this Smart has to stay with him. 


JT, Salmons, even Outlaw all played well. The only player who didn't contribute was Jimmer. The ball movement as mentioned was excellent, it was a team win and it was a fun game to re -watch. Over the last 3, possibly 4 seasons there have been far too few of those. Good win, nice recap, waiting for Utah.

3 years ago on Kings move the ball, play some defense, and outlast the Grizzlies; Kings win 119-110 | March


I was pleasantly surprised by how the Kings played in the 3rd quarter. It looked at first like they were going to bag it but surprisingly they fought their way back into it. I think we are past the moral victory phase of this rebuild but I would say that the Kings played well for 3 quarters and overall it was a respectable showing. IT had a remarkable game, 3rd quarter in particular and really kept us in the game when it looked like they were ready to fade. Small player, big heart!

3 years, 1 month ago on Kings lose to Miami 120-108 | February


Found you (nice looking site btw) bookmarked you, will catch you on the flip side homez.

3 years, 2 months ago on Welcome to the new Evil Cowtown INC! | February


Michael - As you mentioned and Bobby reiterated below, it has only been one game. Nevertheless, I don't think you're far off the point. Go back and look at Kevin's game just prior to being traded to the Rockets from Sac. Coming back in off after a long injury into the ascension of rookie Tyreke Evans, I have never seen a player make himself so invisible on the court. From playing hot potato to literally moving behind another player to avoid being passed to he did everything possible to avoid taking a shot.

I love Kevin Martin and watched him grow in Sacramento from an impossibly skinny rook into the incredibly effective scorer he is today. Great guy, no one works harder in the off season, he gave his all for Sacramento and I'm not sure that he would turn into a locker room cancer.

As discussed here by Rahat and others, the Rox are seemingly caught between adding the super star and becoming a contender or blowing it up and starting over. After the failed trade with NOR that has put HOU in this situation with Martin the blowing it up option more likely. Logic would dictate blowing it up but I'm not sure your GM agrees. The reasons for trading Kevin seem to be:

* He's 29, he's as good as he's going to get and unlikely to add a lot of new elements to his game.

*Injury history - Whether you think Kevin is injury prone or not, he has missed a lot of games in the past and has a slight frame that absorbs a lot of contact getting to the line. If he is traded now, he can be traded without that stigma.

*One of the most effective scorers in the league who plays minimal defense he's heading to point of his career where he might be more effective as a 6th man coming off the bench.

* He will never be more valuable to another team than he is today and from the Rockets POV is overpaid this season and next. In the cold hard business of sport better as Bill Walsh used to say "better off trading a player one year early than one year late".

3 years, 3 months ago on Trading Kevin Martin Never Made More Sense


Happy Holidays RED94 -Rahat, I agree with your definition of tanking. There is no doubt that teams have purposely tried to lose as many games as possible in order to improve their draft position or at the extreme to not cover the spread so gamblers could win. Giving your rookies and young vets as much burn as possible in order for them to get as much experience as possible and grow their game is a much more positive spin.

I would only caution you that losing night after night really sucks and is depressing as the young players rarely improve in a linear progression and there will be many nights if your team does this that you will wonder about the wisdom about pursuing this path.

As an aside, you will enjoy having Sammy on your team more than you think right now. Of course you will cringe as he takes mid range shots. As a Kings fan I wasn't all that thrilled when we signed him last season but as the season progressed I really enjoyed having on the team. He's a good dude and he won't take anything away from your young players.

If the Rox do give your young players a lot of floor time it's going to make for an interesting season and I'm looking forward to you and your readers comments as the season progresses. In conclusion all I can say is thank god the Kings found a way to bring Chuck Hayes back I hope.

3 years, 3 months ago on From Yao to Pau and back to now: the 2011-2012 Houston Rockets season preview


Rahat - when you last posted about this possibility I suggested that based on my experience as a King's fan it's a brutally hard road to hoe.After Houston's brutal and senseless mishandling by the league of the multi - team trade I don't see any alternative. If there is a plan B by your front office at this point it would have to be so brilliant in it's conception that it surpasses mere human understanding of the type practiced by almost all NBA GM's here on earth with the possible exception of David Kahn.

If nothing else, the time has come to move Kevin Martin's contract. When it became clear in Sacramento that our front office had no real idea how to mesh Kevin and Reke into a functioning backcourt and that management was more intrigued by Evans, Kevin really never got past it. The physical rehab was difficult enough for him but the disrespect and lack of loyalty shown him by Sac's FO was an injury he really struggled with. The Rocket's trade came just in time.

While I don't understand how Morey ever really thought he was going to get Nene and Pau to the Rockets, the damage to the team by the league office appears far more significant and and I'm starting to agree with your position that it's time for a do over. Tanking is just another definition for giving your rooks and young vets major minutes.

3 years, 4 months ago on Again, tanking revisited