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Nice article, though I'm surprised Davis was not mentioned as the reason for our losing all of our defensive efficiency since he got hurt. Without Davis, we simply cannot win games. To lose to the Hornets was embarrassing, even though they are my hometown team. 


For whatever reason, Nicholson is afraid to box out and everything else that has to do with defense. I think he might prefer to be simply a shooter and not get his hands dirty. Ayon and McRob are inexperienced and can, in no way, make up for the tremendously efficient Davis. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Magic's defense once bright, now a fading light | December | 2012 Articles


You obviously haven't seen B.Baby play much because he's much better then Bass and you will find that out this season.

3 years, 4 months ago on Magic trade Brandon Bass for Glen Davis