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To Vic 1302,...

"...the US government, our state government and local governments are all corporations..."

Well, yes they are corporations, but, so what, they also may not violate or contradict the constitution, and they don't, in that the Codes and Statutes they consist of never say a human must or must not do this or that, it is always an artificial entity such as operator, driver, or person stated in the Code.

The term person is an artificial entity as is the corporation. "Taxpayer", "citizen", "driver", "operator", "partner", "president", "secretary", "employee", etc., are all officers of a corporation whether that corporation is the Federal government, State government, or any other company or entity with which you have shared your SSN.

A person can be required to comply (if you agree to define yourself as a "person", "taxpayer", "U.S. person", "employee", etc.) but a human man or woman cannot be compelled, otherwise the gov't entity is violating the 13th Am. prohibition against Involuntary Servitude.

The Codes create non-constitutional entities (as in "outside" of the constitution) and are not directly violating the constitution if the humans agree or act as if they are "persons"/artificial entities which ARE subject to the Codes.

I am not a person as the term "person" is defined in the Code. Are you????


3 years, 4 months ago on You don’t have ‘Constitutional Rights’