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I used the ZTR Alpha 340's for the 2011 season, mainly as race wheels, for both road and 'cross. I weigh 174 lbs I used a DT Swiss 240 front hub, and a Powertap Pro+ on the rear. On the road, I used Specialized S-Works turbo tires. I primarily racing criteriums. I ran the tires at 90 psi, and did notice superior traction when cornering, and felt very confident on technical courses. The only negative point was the rear wheel constantly needed to be trued. In general my experience was favorable, and I did not have a single flat on these wheels for the entire summer. I did not get much success sprinting with these wheels, but that is probably my shortcoming, not the wheels'. They did serve me well in hilly races.

For Cyclocross I used Specialized The Captain tires. I had 4 flats in races as a result of burping (an issue with the rims, not the tires), and had to run the tires at around 40 psi to prevent burping, losing the advantage of being able to race at low psi. The rear wheel also rubbed against my frame, removing the paint on both chain-stays. An indication of lack of lateral stiffness? After 20 races the rear rim is trashed, and will have to be replaced. Rear wheel trueing remained an issue.

These rims are a good road option, particularly for hilly races, but not a as suited for hard racing on technical 'cross courses.

3 years, 4 months ago on Going Tubeless for Cyclocross – Avoiding the Burp, Choosing the Best Tires, and a DIY System (Updated, Part III)