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People are idiots, John. Don't respond to their bizarre behavior. Let people say what they want, just don't respond. Sit back and read the comments and laugh. You said it well, life is too short. If people can't respect your viewpoint and articles, go somewhere else. I do. You think of scenarios that I don't have time to and it's nice to read. You will probably drive more traffic by not responding and let the idiots scavenge themselves.

I would have posted this on the correct story but you weren't allowing comments at the time.

3 years, 2 months ago on UT’s Rubio No Longer Part Of Football Program


Something's fishy on the Plains. This is not your typical coordinator move. He didn't throw his hat in the ring too many other places this time around (or wasn't mentioned by his agent Sexton) and now he chooses ASU??? Doesn't pass the sniff test. Word might not ever come out what really happened which is fine-none of our business unless crimes were committed.

3 years, 4 months ago on Malzahn Leaves Auburn For Arkansas State