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What sound advice!  I think that it can be all too easy to think you're doing a good job if you're making a lot of noise and creating a lot of buzz.  But ultimately if that noise, and buzz isn't taking you in the right direction then it's (almost) meaningless.  

2 years, 8 months ago on 20 Tips to Tame the Wild Social Media Beast


Is this similar to the Montessori approach?

I'm so intrigued to hear more. Can someone (ahem, you??) get access to one of these schools and interview the pupils and/or staff?

Are there no standardised tests in the states? I'm puzzled as to how there's no way to compare these pupils' outcomes with others...

Great post. Thank you!

3 years, 4 months ago on What If Schools Didn't Use Any Technology?


I'm really interested to read this post as I've just started a brand new blog and it's making me think carefully about what lessons I'm bringing to this blog that I've learnt elsewhere.

I think one of the most important ones has to be that now I am writing first and foremost about what interests me, rather than what I think will interest my audience because I have learnt in the past that in the end, your audience is most interested in reading about things that you've written more passionately about which is the inevitable consequence of writing posts based on what has piqued your interest or enthusiasm.

It's very early days for my new blog yet (like, a week!) But I'll be reading your blog with interest in future as it seems a great place to pick up ideas. Thank you!

3 years, 4 months ago on Three Things I Would Have Done Differently If I Started Blogging Today


This is a really interesting post - I'd love to know your thoughts on where you should respond. I tend to try and keep communications open and honest and allow my audience to see I'm dealing with things honestly and with integrity. But when the behaviour is more troll-like I am sometimes concerned that I am giving the troll an audience. This is usually someone with a handful of followers, by responding to their gripe on twitter, I'm allowing thousands of people to see the issue. What are your thoughts on this? At the moment, in that situation I usually ask them to DM me their email / phone number so we can speak further. They never do!

3 years, 4 months ago on Five Ways to Deal with Negative Online Comments