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What a powerful critique coming from a girl who got her job by showing cleavage, acting like a moron and generally debasing herself. 

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@CMOORE_RAFA FAN @Nightsong 

It's hilarious how outraged you are that I dared to bring this up, as if the media, tennis commentators, columnists and Nadal's own uncle haven't talked about it publicly.

Scroll up and read the quote I posted from Nadal's uncle. He sees it, and his worry is that Nadal could reach a mental state where he relies on his bottles being placed exactly right, or he loses confidence if he steps on a line between serves. Whether you like to admit it or not, that stuff is real -- watch Nadal between plays and you will see he never steps on a line.

In the meantime, chill out.

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@Carol35 @Nightsong Nadal's own coach, Uncle Tony, has said he thinks Rafa has OCD and has said he wishes Rafa would break those habits because he doesn't think it's good for him long-term.

There have also been dozens of media stories about Nadal exhibiting OCD-like behavior, and last year a psychiatrist made waves when he said publicly that Nadal was exhibiting classic symptoms of OCD. I didn't invent this whole thing out of thin air, it's been discussed many times by tennis professionals, media, medical doctors, and Nadal's own family.

I didn't count how many times he bounced the ball. I looked up an article about his on-court rituals, and it pointed out that he always bounces the ball 10-12 times.

This is what Uncle Tony himself has said about it:

"At first I didn't mind, but a player who puts bottles and not step lines is obsessive. Once he told me about a movie, 'As Good As It Gets,' [he said], 'How superstitious the main character was!' And I said, 'He's like you.' And he replied: 'No, no.'

"When you do senseless things over and over, you're superstitious. He has told me before he can stop doing them and I have told him to do it. I like things that are logical. It does not affect his game, but if he needed those things to play well, it would be bad."

So Carol, instead of acting all offended and outraged that someone would bring this up, take some time to read the articles. I don't know how you guys could have missed the big deal about his alleged OCD when it came up in several media stories during the Australian Open.

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I'm a Nadal fan just like the majority of the people posting in this thread, but even I'll admit Rafa's lengthy routine can wear on other players, and it's part of the reason why so many of his matches -- especially the big ones -- stretch on for hours.

It's pretty much accepted at this point that Nadal has some form of OCD, which is why the labels on his water bottles must point a certain way, and why his bag is kept at a specific distance from his bottles, and why he must towel off his face and arms in a particular order, and why he must perform an elaborate pre-serve ceremony that involves carefully picking the ball he prefers, picking a wedgie (regardless of whether he does in fact have a wedgie), wiping his brow, taking a finger to push back the hair behind each ear, and finally bouncing the ball 12 times before the serve can begin.

I know it's significant to his mental state, and I know he can't control it (unless he admits he needs to and sees a psychiatrist), and I know it's not really his fault. But still, if you were on the other side of that for four hours, would you find it endearing?

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@Dan No they're not. They're bimbos who are hired to handle easy stories so the average male viewer will keep watching instead of reaching for the remote control. If it were just about sports knowledge, then that channel would be overpopulated with pimply sports nerds who came up as radio guys. 

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Nicely done. I don't necessarily agree with the ad guy's advice, but it was a solid anecdote. One thing I'd add, and this cannot be overstated, is that Harden could have put these monstrous numbers up last season and could have co-existed with Kevin Durant for the most efficient offense in the NBA, if not for the black hole that is Russell Westbrook.


That's why Harden went off for 46 points tonight vs OKC, and it's why Harden realized that he had to get the hell out of dodge, even though he was a key part of the youngest, most exciting team in the NBA. I also believe Harden knew Westbrook would be OKC's undoing, and we're seeing this season how Westbrook is now jacking up more shots than Durant, who is indisputably the best scorer in the league. Something is deeply wrong there, and we're going to see the problem magnified come playoff time.


Harden isn't a selfish player, not remotely. Yet he needed to go to reach his potential. I'm very glad he did.

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Take it from a Yankee fan, you're right about the dangers of a 10-year deal. Just look at the situation here, with all that money going to a guy who hit 16 home runs and batted .276 last season. Like Pujols, Alex Rodriguez is still quite a bit better than league average (.827 and .843 OPS the last two years), but he's not worth anywhere near what he's paid.

And shame on St. Louis fans for thinking an athlete would actually put a city and its people above money. Did they think they would be different or somehow more lovable than Cleveland fans in the LBJ fiasco? It's hilarious that Mrs. Pujols went on a St. Louis radio interview and said she was "insulted" and "mad at God" when the Cardinals "only" offered her husband $130 mil for five years.

Most of us can't even fathom what we would do with that kind of money. These people are a decade removed from poverty in the DR and single motherhood, yet in that short time span a figure like $130 million has become "an insult" to them. Goes to show that no matter what your background, you can become revoltingly greedy.

Good luck to the Marlins, you'll be better off investing in your young talent and you'll have the money for when a legit, talented young player becomes available.

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