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Josiah,  nice shirt!

I am just a random cryptofan.. but want to point out that we are organizing 




#DefundTheFeds campaign in response to the massive dump of Bitcoins due to the June 27th SR auction.

Alt coins are a good alternative to people panic selling. If we can show the alt coin markets rose while the bitcoin market falls, it will promote other coins and prevent a narrative that coins are "too unstable" generally.

By working together and shifting money via the exchanges, it will also prevent all of the communities work becoming an avenue for Civil Asset Forfeiture to pay big bonuses and extravagant expense accounts for people who want to stop the growth of cryptocurrency.

I put some information down at  

10 months, 1 week ago on Josh Wise Dogecoin Shirts Delivered to Eager Dogefans


We as freedom lovers have but 2 choices.
1) Sacrific our personal comforts and commit to endng the slavery being forced upon us by evil men.
2) Run and establish a new nation elsewhere. The stars hold eventual promise, but countries such as Mexico which could be reformed into a stable free western republic.

3 years, 4 months ago on Original intent? Understanding? Meaning?