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That was great! I also heared about it just today but personally I will remember this day as a win for the freedom of all creative and internet interested people! Like James said: There are already enough rules against internet piracy. Anyway, we all know, that the original reason of SOPA, which is published by the goverment, is not the true reason for it. It is only a new weapon of few mighty people to watch and controlling our footsteps, covered behind a real looking reason. If anyone would notice which strength all the people in the world have, against a few imperative people, they would do much more, even in the real life against endangering freedom. We are the folks which do working hard, which build up the world, which have to face all the real trouble in the world, the financial problems, the comercial disaster. We are the voter of our representants of the goverment, but they create more laws to support their own influence.

Here comes a quote, which I would remember:

"If we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both." - Benjamin Franklin


3 years, 3 months ago on SOPA/PIPA Protest


Some people go into a mental institution and others like Quentin Tarantino win an Oscar. Kill Bill is so bad. I've never seen a more boring film. Back then, I asked my friend to fast forward the movie because the story becomes boring. A woman is taking revenge, because of their destroyed wedding??? Come on ... To take this as a reason for a splatter movie is so stupid. I like the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. He's even funny, but Kill Bill? I might do a movie about how someone gets a katana sword in order to take revenge for his stolen hamster. Maybe then I could also win an Oscar. The main thing it injects a lot of blood, then you can sell anything.

3 years, 4 months ago on Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 - movie review


I agree with James most of the time but i want to talk about my anger against this movie. The movie is entertaining but in my oppinion it has nothing to do with star trek anymore. I think, the actors were a good choice but their plot is so overdone! The main thing which makes me puke on this movie as a trekkie, is the modern "NEW STYLE" itself and how they brought it on the screen. The most insane and most argued Reason for all the damn new connection between the charakters : "The Timeline changes after timetraveling". Has no one noticed, that the most reason for modern sequels are: THEY CHANGED THE TIMELINE of the better older series/movies. I mean: it's the most uncreative idea i ever heared of. What can I do, if i want to create a good damn shitty "modern style movie" based on a real classic one that I want to keep in buisness??? Easy... I'm changing the timeline! The Result: A complete diffrent movie or series which has nothing to do with the original. Fuck on that! If you want to make a diffrent movie, than have balls to rename it and don't tell us, that this shit has anything to do with our glorious star trek or anything else in the past! At the end it has nothing similar to star trek, so who cares if you call it: Fucking-Space-Suckers with pointy ears. So, shit on modern style! Today, special effects count but i am so bored to say : "UUUh. Look at these explosions! Look, how realistic they are!" Inside a good TNG-Episode, only the plot is important, not all the fucking special effects. That's it, what star trek is all about! One good plot which makes you think about an ethical question or let you dream about a fantastic situation inside space, with problems between cultures that can be disolved and ofcourse one or two enemies against the good. Then, it is the platform, which couldn't be better to reflect the problems of our real life and impress any sci-fi interested person. I know... it's our fault. Nobody is interested in serious films with a touch of humor and fiction anymore. Good damn it! Only Guns and War counts... Then go away and take your bucks inside a movie, which can be called an action, horror or war-movie. Sci-Fi should be dreaming; Sci-Fi should be adventure, Sci-Fi should be a vision of a better world out there that is worth living for and should have many technical shit in it. There are already genres for people, which need chaos, explosions, weapons in diffrent kinds and so on. Gene Roddenberry would turn in his grave if he knew what these bums have done with his heritage. "The first Contact" is ok for its time, but after that it turned into a mess of problems that the star trek universe should have already disolved. Ok. I should make my own review, but no one cares. Good old days... i miss you!

3 years, 4 months ago on Star Trek 2009 - Movie Review


somehow, i like the "bible-games-reviews". Isn't it funny that some game-factories think they could have an income by selling biblegames? Many of them are not allowed to have fun except praying and do penance. And think about, how frustrating it must be for religous people to play a biblegame which has nothing to do with the bible but more with food and balloons, as example? Sometimes, I think it is a joke by the gamecompanies itself. Anyway, I am shocked how violent some of these religous games are although they are intended to be played by kids in religous families. Oh boy... What do they thinking? Like James said in one Episode: "If I'd be God i would be pissed." or like I say: "... I would laugh out loud."

3 years, 4 months ago on AVGN Bible Games 3


Like AVGN says: "What do they thinking?" Sometimes I think they don't have brains. They kick the gifts of nature with their feet. Too much money behind the scene. Stupid commercial People going to be crazy and spend too much time in inventing such a piece of shit, like that, only because they want to make us believe: OH! Look! We are so original!

Nice episodes of "You know what's bullshit?". Could be many more of them! But I know... there is not enough time, but I like your Shows more, than any other comercial stuff!

3 years, 4 months ago on You Know What's Bullshit? Episode 15


@TakeruDavis I'm so glad that somebody has talked about it! Because, that is realy bullshit. Last time, I had to watch at least 50 times the same fucking advertisement about europe and how nice the life in europe is. YEAH! Really nice to live here, with financial problems and nuclear powerplants everywhere against peoples choice. Do they really think that this advertisement ensures more people will come to europe?

I mean - think about it! Would you ever make an advertisment, licensed by the goverment, about a country like a fucking product of earth? Like: Look! That is our nicest country in the world. Look, how nice we had demolished nature and made people angry!


3 years, 4 months ago on You Know What's Bullshit?