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we must drive this army of cheap labor foreigners from our soil...and we must punish the traitorous elite in govt, business and media who have facilitated this invasion and collaborated with the invaders.

This is war.

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The elite/corporations always want all nations to be as big as possible and they hate secession. The larger the nation, the more factions therein. The more factions, the less united the populace. The less united the populace, the less control the people have over the government, which means the corporations and the plutocrats have more control..

It's called the divide et impera tactic. Divide by combining.

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unless you get the dough...

it's strictly heel and toe...

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the wars did not fail. 

The wars succeeded--the wars made profits for the corporations. 

Bless Our Sacred Corporations!

Bless Our Most High GDP!

7 months ago on 50 Years Of Washington’s Air Wars: Why They Always Fail


further, the current federal govt is doing exactly as its creators wanted--it has decreased democracy and preserved (and even increased) wealth inequality by removing the people from the process of governance. That is exactly what has happened, and the larger and more centralized the fed govt becomes, the more it becomes what Madison et al, visualized. The govt is not further from what Madison et al wanted, but instead it is getting closer. As the nation grows larger and more diverse, it is becoming more factionalized, which decreases democracy, which is exactly what they wanted.

3 years, 4 months ago on Traitors to the American Revolution


ok, allow me to elaborate. The PROBLEM madison et al wanted to solve was what they called "an excess of democracy," to quote founding "father" Elbridge Gerry. Under the Articles, the working class was taking control of their own government by using democracy. The rich people like madison, washington etc etc, did not like all that democracy. So they implemented a COUP, a takeover. That coup was accomplished by installing our current federal govt.

How they controlled america was explained by Madison in the federal papers and in a letter to jefferson. Madison wrote jefferson that the way to rule america was via the 'divide et impera' maxim--divide and rule.

In the federalist papers, madison wrote that the way to do this was to decrease the unity of the voters. Madison said that his system would prevent the voters from uniting and discovering their common interest. Madison wrote that his primary goal was to preserve wealth inequality. Madison wrote that he would do this by creating larger voting districts, federal voting districts. Madison wrote that these enlarged federal districts would create more factions in each district, thus preventing the people from uniting and using the govt against the rich people. Madison wrote that this new federal govt, with its enlarged voting districts, its checks and balances, its seperation of powers, etc would "protect the minority of the opulent against the majority."

I suuuure hope that was clear enough for you.

3 years, 4 months ago on Traitors to the American Revolution