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I would make carrying a tired, nursing toddler easier

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I wish that 2012 would be the best one yet. This will be the first full year with my daughter; I wish that she continues to grow and be healthy and know that her parents love her tremendously. I love my little girl, Danika, and I just wish our family the best. Also I wish that I get a Boba 3G to make our adventurous lives easier. This year we want to really get out there with her and have some fun - teach her the beauty of nature!

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My holiday tradition as a child was to open up a present on christmas eve which always contained PJs and a game the family could play together. We would leave cookies and milk for Santa, and in the morning some of the cookies and milk would be gone. Also, we could not open presents until we had a family breakfast. I do plan on continuing these traditions as well as celebrating the true meaning of Christmas before opening presents by reading a verse from the Bible or the Story of Jesus birth. I haven't decided quite yet, but I do want to celebrate Jesus birth more than we did as children

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