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the thunder definitely could use his scoring talents especially off the bench….the dudes put up 40 off the bench multiple times in his career…hes raw…the first time doc rivers gave him extended minutes in a playoff game was the game when scored like 12 points in like 6 mins to send the celtics to the nba finals and turned the game into the blowout…no big deal…hes also scored 41 off the bench after sitting for 14 games straight in the doghosue, put the team on his back in the 4th quarter and OT….no seriously ive watched postgames with people saying nate rob literally had a jordan like performance, no one could stop him….but dont worry, lets just think hes this overrated dunk guy and hate for literally no reason….the dude is not even that incosistent when he got minutes in new york he was literally dirty averaging 17 a game…that year the knicks had 30 something wins and nate rob had a plus minus when he was on the court that was in the positive…the only one on the team and had the best plus minus by far….how can he see minutes of anysort behind ray allen and rondo, he could hit 5 shots and theyd still gotta put rondo back in cuz its rondo, but yet he was a major contributor in the playoffs…say what you want about his incosistency and at times poor decision making but its just microscoped cuz hes small…dude can go off hes by far the second most talented scorer on this team…and clutch as fuck….and if he could win boston a game actually 2 (one against the lakers, the shrek donkey game) i think he could have won us a game…but wait….eric maynor? is that a joke and cook and shefalashofa? ppl late hate get into the way of seeing basketball and recognizing talent….its unreal

3 years, 3 months ago on Thunder releases statement cutting ties with Nate Robinson