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To my knowledge, Mark Levin has NEVER said the president can send our military to war on his word ALONE. No one in their right mind would agree with that. I believe what Mark said was that a president, in time of emergency, when we've been attacked, can declare war, but must then get Congressional approval.

I think both the author and the ONE commenter are being disingenuous, and to call Mark a NEO-CON is inexcusable.

You people had better start finding some common ground to stand on, and stop looking for perfection. Obama and his commie friends are just delighted when they see infighting, as that is just the kind of division they can put a wedge into. If Obama and his cohorts aren't stopped VERY soon, this country will be toast, and you won't even be able to argue constitutionality, because the Constitution will be DEAD, along with your first Amendment rights, and a lot of Americans.

Get your sh*t together.

3 years, 4 months ago on Obama, Levin wrong on war powers