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Do we know how serious Nelson's injury is? Could he be out for the playoffs?


Also, is it just me or has Anderson's game been completely different since he came back from rolling his ankle? His offensive numbers are still often impressive, but he seems to shoot and definitely defend differently. As you said, he's not known for his jumping ability, but it looks like he lost most of what lift he did have. He's adapting; I see him pump-faking at the rim more to get the defender moving first. But his lift just doesn't seem the same...

3 years ago on Recap: Denver Nuggets 101, Orlando Magic 74


What do you think about this article from the Bleacher Report?


It seems like something a Magic Fan would dream up. Is this even remotely possible?

3 years ago on Tuesday's Magic Word


It could also be that with Dwight off the floor and incredibly no backup center, SVG needed a little height in the second lineup. Also, Anderson seems to mesh with the other reserves well, especially JJ.

3 years, 4 months ago on Is Ryan Anderson more than a role player?