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@ColTroutman @JDKsports  What does this late check have to do with MMA or boxing?  Nothing at all.  Besides being totally wrong on the "point" of combat sports (you clearly don't watch them), what is YOUR point with your so-called assertions? 

This article brings into question how difficult it is for hockey announcers to call a nasty check and whether Mike Haynes could have rein backed on his line of "taste of your own medicine", which blurs the line of what exactly Haynes was inferring regarding Kronwall.  Especially if he was implying Kronwall "deserved" the late hit, which is INAPPROPRIATE for a hockey announcer especially when he's saying it while Kronwall is motionless, which isn't an every night thing in hockey (unfortunately, it seems to be going that way).

How this check the same thing as Marquez knocking out Pac in clean, LEGAL, sporting fashion which happens ALL THE TIME?  YOU ARE THE ONE ramping up the level of this check to LIFE-THREATENING, not Yoder.  If Marquez had rabbit-punched or low-blowed one of Pac's testicles off and the announcer went on to say "just getting a taste of your own medicine" it's the same shit as what Haynes said.

But, yeah.... Yoder doesnt want people to cheer at boxing matches.  Whatever.

1 year, 6 months ago on Colorado Avalanche announcer: Niklas Kronwall "got a taste of his own medicine"


@Kennybob How can you follow this blog and not understand simple shit like licensing rights?  Probably shouldn't have use "IQ", bud...

1 year, 7 months ago on Costa Rican website calls out ESPN soccer crew