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Regardless of how long it takes, it seems clear that CP3 and D12 will end up playing for either the knicks, lakers, or bulls. So when that happens and you look at ESPN's player rankings, that would put 13 of the 15 best players on one of the 8 richest teams (NY, LA, CHI, BOS, HOU, DAL, MIA, PHX, as ranked by Forbes). The other 2 play for us, the 18th team in Forbes rankings. It's hard not to be incredibly thankful when Durant tweet's stuff like 'I'm okc til they don't want me.' We really do have something special here. You gotta love that while all the free agency/trade chaos is going on, presti has the thunder quietly practicing in our new building.

3 years, 4 months ago on How the NBA’s rule changes affect the Thunder