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This is what Nick Bollettieri said about Li Na:  .......Despite falling to Serena Williams in two tiebreak sets, I was thoroughly impressed by Na Li. She is one heck of a tennis player and her groundstrokes are excellent from both sides.
1. She has a very compact swing pattern from both sides with instant backswing preparation.
2. She has a very low base and uses her strong legs for balance and power.
3. She stands very close to the baseline because of the previously mentioned items and this allows her to make early contact and puts her opponents on the defense.
4. She covers all of the court as well as anyone.
5. She is in tip-top shape.
6. She hits with very little spin and still has control and depth.
7. She also plays great defense and anticipates the path of the ball extremely well.

Then Carlos Rodriguez, former trainer of Justine Henin found something in Li Na being improved now  ........I discovered a lot of things -tactically, technically, physically in the way she moves on court. She moves very well but not that efficiently, not in the right way to be really 100 percent on the ball at the right time to take the right decision.

This is what I think:   Li Na is a late bloomer. She has had recently significant changes in term of training, trainer and some kind of emboldened determination. Eventhough in technical aspects Serena is above Na Li, but this time Li Na's momentum will project her above her level. Considering their familiarity to each other and close matches they did recently, I say Li, the hungrier player, will defeat Serena this time.

By the way, betting on Li Na now will yield 650% of return. EP

1 year, 7 months ago on US Open 2013 semi-final: Serena Williams v Li Na preview