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We have 3 young girls close in age (9 months, 2 and 3) and people are constantly saying, "Oh my gosh, there are three of them!" Especially random people in the grocery store. My husband always says I should answer by looking panicked, grabbing them and running toward the door yelling, "Oh no, I must have left one in the car!"

3 years, 3 months ago on Five Fun Responses to Critical Parenting Questions


My favorite Christmas tradition is opening our gifts in the evening after the Christmas Eve service at church with our immediate family. I loved the special time with my family and knowing that I got to open my gifts 12 hours before most of my friends. *lol* We do continue to do this with our girls now. Christmas day is for Grandma's house and all the hustle and bustle but Christmas Eve is just for us. :)

3 years, 4 months ago on Happy Holidays! Win a Boba!