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I thought the prequels were good. Not compared to Staw wars, but as individual entities. But to answer the question at the end, my kids are watching the "original" originals first. They get to hear nothing about Vader being "Ani" or anything like that until they see those movies. I didn't even grow up when they were big (born in 91), but I still think that's how they must be seen. And if after that they're interested, they can see the prequels.

2 years, 10 months ago on Star Wars movie review - Part 2


Board James = Mass Effect 3 = Pure Epic

2 years, 11 months ago on Board James: Loopin' Louie (Live at PAX 2011)


@n3 if it went better it wouldn't be half as funny

3 years ago on The Power Glove


The opening line is legendary

3 years ago on ROLFE: A No-Budget Dream (2002)


Shoulda tried it on Hard lol

3 years ago on AVGN Episode 105: Dark Castle