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Way to go sherrif! If the DOJ gets involved in this random inspection process it would not suprise me if the farmer got shot with an assault rifle that was purchased buy an illegal alien and hid in the garage of Eric Holders house till such time as some islamic doctor employeed by the us military that recieved outstanding marks of service, even though he sodomized horses, prior to the law being changed in the Uniform Code Of Conduct that made this behavior legal, stole it from him with his permission, eventhough there are no records indicating he knew, and drove to Indiana in a chevy volt, which made it 41 miles before he had to hitch a ride with Alec Baldwin that was driving back from d.c. because he can't play video games in an airplane.

Stay strong! The country needs hero more now than ever!

3 years, 4 months ago on One sheriff stands up for the people he serves