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Hello Danielle,

I dont believe the sun is any closer to the Earth than it was last year, however the angle of the sun in the northern hemisphere during winter is at a lower angle possibly letting in

more radiation .

I liked your suggestions, good to know stuff. Maybe not for everyone but I work in harsh conditions and shower first with lava hand soap,second lighty with lever.My female friends love to touch my skin and chest hair (groomed of course) they cant believe the kind of work I do and have the hands and skin I have.I do it because I get dirty not vanity. Put some lava on a washrag with your foot/toes resting on something and use the rag like a shoe shine buffer on your heels, not hard but firmly.

I bet in a couple of days you will feel an improvement, if you like it do your toes and elbows and the knees. Always wash with a milder soap afterwards. No joke!

p.s. always use a CLOTH washrag , no polupas or sallupas , plastic holey thingers!

have fun,and remember shower rules--its all fun and games 'til someone gets hurt!

bye ed

3 years, 4 months ago on Winter Skincare – Do's and Don'ts