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The only hockey team I am more of a fanatic about than the Rangers is the University of North Dakota.  I watched Danny every game, and he is a great player.  I agree with most of what has been said about him.  He's fast, great hands and skill, and he can finish with a wicked wrister.  The only knocks I would have on him would be his hot-headedness and his tendency to over handle the puck at times.  I specifically recall swearing at Kristo on a number of occasions because he would stop skating and look at the ref expecting that he'd drawn a penalty.  There was a point, earlier on in his college career, where I forbid anyone in my house to refer to him as anything other than "Mr. Turnover."That said, I believe he is a true competitor.  I hope he can make the squad and add to the legacy laid before him by so many other greats from UND!  I also request he razzes Miller for backing out of his commitment to North Dakota   ha!  I'll never let it go!Go Sioux Go Blue!!!

12 months ago on Lots of Love for Kristo