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Many stress how important it is to do the barriers right, how to effectively carry your bike, and other such bike gymnastics. Id say, It's your first race! So dont stress out about that stuff. Stay relaxed and calm, trust your tires and make up time in the corners. Minimize your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. USAC riders! Racing at 5pm in Vegas can be a challenge. Stay out of the sun through out the day. If you can, then warm up in the shade. Even 30 minutes in the desert sun, without proper care, can leave you sapped of energy. What saved me last year was a sock of ice under my jersey and a few cans of coconut water. You might feel like you are not sweating and thus not loosing water, but its simply evaporating before you can even see it on your skin! Good luck!

1 year, 7 months ago on Last Chance! Win a Chamois Butt’r Swag Bag and CrossVegas VIP Ticket by Entering Our Contest: Results and Final Question