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I believe there is accountability from both parties.  Scioscia had a very lax spring training and the fact they had an embarassing record was not the problem but the fact they didn't make winning a priority which carried into the regular season.  When you carry leads into the late innings and not use your bullpen and settle for losses, sends a message.  Dipoto has made bone head trades like the Greinke deal and has depleted the farm, no blame for anybody else cept him.  Also, what was he thinking as far as a pitching staff for this season?  And how can you be GM and not fix your major problem which is the bullpen and he used to be a pitcher?  Personally I think it's time to start fresh and as much as I like Scioscia, let a real GM(not in the Tony Reaggins Jerry Dipoto mold) start fresh.

1 year, 7 months ago on Scioscia and Dipoto: Should they stay or should they go?


I agree with Matt except resigning Vargas.  If indeed Zack Lee of the Dodgers was being dangled at the trading deadline to the Angels for  Howie Kendricks, I'd make that deal because I think he's going to be a strong #3.  Also, like it or not Blanton is going to be with the Angels next year so get a real pitching coach to work with him and others in the pitching staff and get rid of Butcher, his time has passed.  The other thing is Arte should quit hiring GM's with no experience and get one with experience who can really build the farm system versus trading everybody away and make some intelligent decisions versus signing has beens for big money.

1 year, 7 months ago on The case for the Angels going "cheap"