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True.  Meares -- we were told, and at least at spring training we thought -- was brought in to play SS to help a young guy like Morris who had some limitations defensively at 2B.  The trouble was... Meares was done, used up, kaput.

I love this post, btw... because it really is the year I indeed thought as well that they were putting it together -- and they were.  Never has so much talent been so mishandled.

Geez... how sweet this season is!!  And watching this franchise develop is a joy!  I've gotten so tired of having to pick up a surrogate team by July or August the last 20 years.

My single best sports memory -- behind the USA hockey win over the Soviets in '80 - was watching Omar Moreno glove that last out in the '79 Series.  I've had favorite teams win Super Bowls and Stanley Cups... but there's something about baseball where you're watching your team day-after-day-after-day from April until October, and winning the World Series that's more satisfying than the others.  In baseball, when your team is virtually out of it by the All-Star break, and you love the sport -- you have to suffer July, August, September, and October... 4 friggin' months of watching your teams ineptness -- day-after-day-after-day.

11 months, 4 weeks ago on 79 wins


And remember the can't miss 2B prospect Warren Morris who was supposed to help shore up the middle infield?  Had a good rookie season in '99 at .288-15-73... then he was done.  I went to spring training that season thinking I was watching a breakthrough team.  Ugh.

12 months ago on 79 wins