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China and India are lighting up a new coal fired plant once a week, while America's carbon footprint has actually gone down over the last ten years. Killing our energy production capabilities will do nothing other than kill the economy of the US while having no effect on the climate.

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Those emails I think are mostly from individuals who are somewhat limited in mental capacity. I like to refer to them as 'autopolobots' - they are, most often, good men and women of good heart who are simply too lazy to research and investigate the truth. They vote without thinking, assuming that by doing so, things will all work out in the end. In actual fact, many of the extremists out there count on this mindless knee jerk reaction by the autopolobots and so it all goes. (BTW - All of this works until the money is drained and then, like bugs, these people magically disappear under a carpet for another decade or two). As a group, they comprise the 'Takers' - people who want a free ride in this society, or any society. Balancing the equation are the 'Makers', men and women who strive to innovate, create and produce and who work long and hard hours in the process.


Of the later group, I would strive to nurture and protect. Of the former...well maybe they would find a better climate, in which to exist, in Iran.

2 years, 8 months ago on The America-Haters Strike Again


@Come_on_now@AngryAngel@DanOwen Everything in the world is linked together including the energy balance. There is a balance that must be maintained in order for higher life forms to continue to hang out at the top of the food chain. My point is that man at 7 billion strong and growing is causing the extinction of another species every day now. If we can control our global population, the whole energy question is mote.

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A massive reduction in global population is the most sure fire way of correcting the impact humans have on the planet. Sounds a bit cruel, but such is life.

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It's almost as if the states were fighting a foreign government these days.

3 years, 3 months ago on The States have the Power to Protect their Borders