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@wadams1 @KeithDeininger How exactly is it Keith's fault that MARTA isn't available in Gwinnett? He doesn't have access, it isn't available, and all the common sense in the world tells us that we'll never see significant rail infrastructure outside of what is already existing. We are also paying taxes on the electricity that we pay, so it's not like we aren't being taxed. You should take up your further qualms with the legislature because us EV owners are now paying a tax that far exceeds the average driver's tax bill on gasoline and NONE of the funds that we are paying are earmarked for transportation, rather, they're going into the general fund.

You continue to miss the piece of the puzzle as to why the EV subsidy was created and Keith alluded to it: The EV credit was created because we have so many hazardous air quality days, the area was at risk of not receiving federal government transportation dollars. It's that simple. You seem to fail to understand that there are inherent risks or limitations that most EV drivers have particularly with regard to range of driving. 

I paid a nearly 9k premium on my vehicle to purchase the electric version instead of the ICE model. I would have done so with or without the Georgia tax credit, but the reality is that most wouldn't. We need mass adoption of EVs and the batteries continue to fall in price, but an incentive is very helpful to many. In order to have the volume of vehicles to make a difference on the road, it means that every day people buy these vehicles, not the few that are paying for a Tesla. If you give an average driver the choice of two models of a car and the only difference is the type of engine and a difference in price of 9k, it doesn't take much hard thought as to what the average person will choose.

1 week, 5 days ago on Georgia is driving electric vehicles in reverse – going from being a leader to last place


Lost in many of the comments is that the EV credit was created to help usher in clean vehicles in order for the state to continue to qualify for federal transportation dollars. Due to our many terrible smog days, the region becomes less eligible for certain funds. This has been omitted from nearly every article being written about the EV credit. 

As an EV owner, not leasee, all of this is annoying. The credit should have never been made for leases as it gamed the system, or it should have been doled out in smaller dollars. If you lease an EV, the $5000 comes right off the top and paid to the dealer. If you purchase an EV, you are qualified to get the $5000, but it acts as a rebate of state income tax money that you have contributed and it carries for five years. So, say that you didn't put in 5k the first year in state income tax, then you have the next four to claim the rest.

For some reason, Rep. Martin of Alpharetta has been obsessed with killing the EV credit. I wonder who's bankrolling his campaigns? Now that's been accomplished and we have a "user fee" rather tax that the creator of it admits he simply came up with in thin air. Studies show that the average EV owner isn't paying $85 a year in transportation fund taxes, so $100 would have been reasonable even though we are paying taxes on the electricity. Not in Georgia though, we end up with the fee doubled than the highest other states and the money isn't earmarked for transportation. Another joke of a legislative session.

1 week, 6 days ago on Georgia is driving electric vehicles in reverse – going from being a leader to last place


Even if you agree with his politics, Keith Olbermann's arrogance, or rather his narcissism is quite evident.... However, there is no doubt that he is really talented, reflected in his commentaries, and to be quite honest, I was always vastly entertained by him on SportsCenter. The quick wit of Olbermann during the game recaps were always incredibly enjoyable to listen to and he's clearly brought elements from all of his previous endeavors here.

The biggest question of all is how this will work out based on his past history? At this point, he either makes this work, or he'll be out of the business for good. It's obviously that his bank account has done quite well, but for the sake of his own ego, it would seem like money wouldn't make up for the lack of doing a job that drives him.

As others have mentioned, ESPN is so entrenched with the leagues that they are paying massive sums to carry, how far will they let him go? There isn't a chance that they'll allow him to go after the leagues a la "Real Sports" and that makes many of us wonder how long Olbermann will sit before going after these entrenched interests within ESPN.

1 year, 7 months ago on Keith Olbermann's brand could prove problematic over time for ESPN