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Even if you agree with his politics, Keith Olbermann's arrogance, or rather his narcissism is quite evident.... However, there is no doubt that he is really talented, reflected in his commentaries, and to be quite honest, I was always vastly entertained by him on SportsCenter. The quick wit of Olbermann during the game recaps were always incredibly enjoyable to listen to and he's clearly brought elements from all of his previous endeavors here.

The biggest question of all is how this will work out based on his past history? At this point, he either makes this work, or he'll be out of the business for good. It's obviously that his bank account has done quite well, but for the sake of his own ego, it would seem like money wouldn't make up for the lack of doing a job that drives him.

As others have mentioned, ESPN is so entrenched with the leagues that they are paying massive sums to carry, how far will they let him go? There isn't a chance that they'll allow him to go after the leagues a la "Real Sports" and that makes many of us wonder how long Olbermann will sit before going after these entrenched interests within ESPN.

1 year, 6 months ago on Keith Olbermann's brand could prove problematic over time for ESPN