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@Kyle Rodriguez @thellamajockeyAfter today's news about Kaepernick , perhaps the ideal situation for Houston would be for other teams to get cold feet about Manziel the way the NFL did over Marino in 1983.    If Manziel hangs around till very late in 1st round,  Houston could trade up for him using the rest of their picks.  

Manziel's persona is the anti-Manning, anti-Luck.   That could work for Houston. 

For some reason I just see Houston having a hard time not picking up Johnny Football, especially if Jacksonville does not take him.     

Houston's problem has been being stuck in underachieving mediocrity without a big time QB.   

Draft, Clowney and they will likely be a great defense,  held back by a weak QB.   Stuck in the mid to late rounds in future drafts, the Texans will never break out as an elite team.

Not that any of us would mind the Texans underachieving.   Just trying to look at things from their shoes.

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Clowney looks like a no brainer, but is he really a good scheme fit for Houston?   Will Clowney really complement JJ Watt enough.   Couldn't Houston trade down get  DL starter and still have a shot at drafting a QB later in the first round or early second.

 What is Houston going to do for a QB,  Case Keenum Ryan Fitzpatrick  or T J. Yates?  

If the Jaguars pick  Manziel  and he plays well,  GHWB will be pissed as will most of Houston.   Manziel is not going to be another Vince Young, you can just place on the pay no mind list.   Perhaps not an future elite QB but not a bust either.   

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@DougEngland How is Reggie doing in his rehab?   I wonder if it might be smart for the Colts to put Wayne on the preseason or regular season PUP list for first 6 games.     That would give the Colts plenty of time to develop Brazil, Rodgers and Whalen.   And have a fully Wayne for the post season.  I could see a possible trade for any of those 3 prior to the week 8 deadline.

Whalen is more valuable ST player than Brazil and Rodgers, think he will stick.

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@smonroe Forgot about Martin being the #1 prospect at Center.   His projected draft position. is 55, short of Colts 2nd round position at 59.   Still hate to see the Colts have to draft a Center in 2nd round with their highest pick when it is unlikely Martin will start at center in 2014.

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C Marcus Martin, USC (Pro Day)!!!!!!!


What does this say about how the Colts view Khalid Holmes' future at center,  that they are working out his backup at his Alma Mater??? 

In a draft said to be short on interior lineman and with the Colts' needs I would have hoped for more Guards and Centers on the list.

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@MarcusDugan I do remember driving late at night listening to the old Adam Corolla/Jimmy Kimmel/Drew Pinsky version of Loveline.    The otherwise bubbleheaded  pornstar guest poignantly commented that the fact that most male "talent" in her industry was decidedly veteran was due to,  just as with rookie field goal kickers, any  display of anxiety because of inexperience or nerves being contagious and more often than not catastrophic if not at least a mood killer and to say the least powerfully "de-tumescent" . 

I really wonder if this is the  major issue in football.  Unless a young kicker has a huge leg, flawless accuracy, lots of locker room charisma, and brass balls, you are going to go with the veteran in spite of the size of his gut and chunk of the salary cap. 

Anxious kickers are a in short a huge mood killer for the whole organization.

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Outside of perhaps the "firing" or Bill Polian which with hindsight looks increasing like a case "of all good things come to an end"  or "won't can't go on for ever won't",  is their any decision during the Jim Irsay era Colts that fans can really get upset about??      The  resting of the starters in 2009 and drafting Luck and releasing Manning, were solid risk analysis based decisions.   The stadium deal Irsay got was not the worst case other NFL cities have faced and the RCA/Hoosier had clearly  seen its day.    Irsay got Indy its Superbowl and will land another in the future.

Ok,  I believe that in Irsay's  heart of heart he wants to field a 3-4 defense and have a balanced offense that has elements of an old school power running attack.  You can argue whether that is the kind of team you as a fan want to see.    And yes  I truly believe Irsay agonized over the decision to release Manning and fire Polian that may have played a contributing factor in his relapse. 

But otherwise, Irsay tenure as owner has been relatively free of head slapping WTF were they thinking moments that the Jets, Washington, Browns, Jaguars, Titans, Denver(Think Tebow),  Tampa Bay..... etc fans go through every couple of years.  

Yes,  having a Manning followed by Luck makes life better for the fans,  but Irsay has helmed the ship and played his role.

 I was major relieved that what was something we all knew was coming, involved a well below the speed limit pull over while intoxicated and  possession  charges than something far worse. 

Fans should and overwhelmingly do want Jim Irsay to find recovery and enjoy many more years as owner. 

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How the Colts manage prospective kickers seems to be the the norm nowadays across the NFL.  Question, how long does it take for a standout college kicker to land a lasting NFL roster spot?      It does not seem to me that many field goal kickers make an NFL squad right out of college anymore.     Am I wrong that the same goes for an increasing number of punters with Patty Mac being a except?    Take a look at Matt Overton's wiki page, and it seems like it is an especially long road for long snappers.

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@AJ_ Never been a Kravitz fan,  that said, I think Kravitz is probably on the mark here.   Colts fans in the know have worried about Jim Irsay's well being and have been aware of some troubling signs for sometime.    Nobody has a bigger heart for the community than Jim Irsay.   It would be a huge loss for Indy to loose him too soon.   Irsay's issues have long stopped being funny.

I hope it's more than just the Colt's organization that insists on Irsay getting well and professional help.   The NFL ownership and commissioner’s office have to get involved.

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 I agree with the Reggie bit. I hope that Reggie is ready to go first day of training camp.   I hear he is making great progress.   But still if the Colts could give Reggie extra time to heal  by putting him even on the PUP list because he is an older player who could/should benefit from extra time, then I would consider it a wise move.    I would hate to see Wayne go down with another injury because he was rushed.

Nicks is a slightly larger version (by 1 inch, 8 pounds) version of Wayne with out Wayne's route running expertise.   A year or more under the tutelage of the master  could boost his career.

Assuming Nicks  allows the Colts the  option of giving Wayne more time,  he would   also give the Colts more time to decide which of the  3 capable young receivers in Whalen, Brazill and Da'Rick Rodgers to keep.  They  all have their strengths but are  most likely no more than decent number 3 depth players.    I would like the Colts to keep all three but that is unlikely because the Colts will be unable to get any of them to clear waivers to the PS.   But with a bit more playing time any of the three could offer definite trade value.

I am assuming the Colts will not be opposed to drafting another BPA WR in rounds 2-4.

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@MarcusDugan Nicks > DHB + Avery + Hands.     ABC!!!! Baby.  Good to see Grigson close the deal.  It looks like the Colts still have enough money to possibly sign Mack but it looks like a long shot.  

Colts need a safety and a Center of course.   But the FA pickings are few. 

How about a CB instead?  There are some decent options.  If that does not sound good,  hell how about considering Champ Bailey's offer to try out as a FS.

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The Bucs announced that they have agreed to terms with former Green Bay Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith. A person who has seen the contract tells NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport it is worth $14.25 million over four years.

That sounds like a lot more than the Colts wanted to spend for Dietrich-Smith.   Mack still look like major long shot.  Hopefully the Colts can land Nicks today.

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