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ACL surgery isn't the kiss of death anymore. EM will still be playing in the NBA. Hopefully here. I feel for him.

Kind of corny, but I have become such a Thunder fan that I take a personal liking to all of the guys. We are so lucky that we don't have any big heads on the team. If Brooks is good at anything, it is keeping the character of the players at a high level, and they all play as a team. That early attention to character is starting to really show. Westbrook being a great example. He took all of that Charles Barkley inspired baloney and didn't say a word.

3 years, 2 months ago on Russell Westbrook: ‘From day one, this is the spot I wanted to be’


This has been at least the fifth game this season where I have ended up feeling sorry for the Thunder's opponents.

Everyone is saying that it is young legs that are going to prevail this year. Well, old guys can be in great shape as well. In endurance sports, older athletes do well.

It will come down to injuries. Young guys "usually" don't have older injuries to aggravate. The rest of it will come down to luck.

Melo is out, we stomp the Knicks. We have had several games lately where the opponent was missing a key player to an injury. Stay healthy.

3 years, 3 months ago on Everything clicks as OKC stomps the Knicks 104-92


See? Anytime Westbrook's contract or a trade fantasy comes up regarding the Thunder, it is always about getting Westbrook. Like we don't want him or something crazy.

What scares me is all of the crap RW has had to deal with. It all started with Barkley in the first round last year. Well, last year we only had two really good weapons. KD first, and RW second.

We will have to give Russ a max deal, or something close. He also needs to know that the fans here are not fair weather fans, and that he is much loved, despite the stupid stories by lazy sportswriters.

Russ is really turning into a finished product. He is running the offense well. He is a good defensive player as well. Harden is good, but not as good as Westbrook yet. The thought of losing either of them makes me feel like I just took a shot of poison.

If Westbrook wants to stay in OKC, we will be set up to play for rings for many years. No kidding. He is now settling in and doing it all.

3 years, 3 months ago on DT Mailbag: Where is Westbrook's extension?


In other words, letting Westbrook go would suck. We all know that Harden should start over Thabo, but Harden needs to be able to replace Thabo's defensive ability. If that happens, we can trade Thabo.

If we let Westbrook leave, we are nuts. We are stuffed full of SG's. Nobody can replace Westbrook at PG now that he is so much more rounded. You can see that he is now a fully rounded PG who can stuff it down your throat. He is one of the best players in the league. Fact.

If it were an either/or, Thabo is more tradeable.

We are going to go into the luxury tax era soon. In a way, that is a nice problem to have.

There is insane money behind the Thunder. I work in oil and gas and can appreciate it more than most fans. 20 million bucks is nothing to those guys. The value of the team to the city can't be measured. Plus, we have unreal fans and a great organization. There are players all over the league who would love to play with this organization. We are in it to win it.

3 years, 3 months ago on DT Mailbag: Where is Westbrook's extension?


Westbrook's ball distribution has arrived. So has KD's. In the first five games or so he wasn't scoring well. Distribution was obviously what he was working on.

Over the last 5 or 6 games he has gotten that aggressiveness back as well as retaining the good passing and distribution. You can tell that the team is much different than previous years. KD and RW and JH, the big scorers, are all feeding it to the bigs on little pocket passes that we have never really seen before.

Westbrook, as he is playing right now, cannot be traded. He is that good. His PG play is now officially solid if you have been watching ball movement this year vs. last year. We are so much better than last year. You can roll the dice twenty times just to get one Westbrook.

Maynor has always been solid at the backup PG, but if Reggie gets really good he may get traded. Maynor is good enough to still be a player. ACL surgery isn't the kiss of death that it used to be. I would hate to see him go merely because he is one of OUR guys.

The main reason that Westbrook is starting to get lots of assists and a better scoring percentage is that right now, everybody on the floor is scoring. The court awareness that comes from experience has officially arrived.

Our offense rules. Defense is far more difficult to quantify, and that is where we need to improve. It is pretty fun to watch the rookie play lights out with effort. He hustles.

3 years, 3 months ago on DT Mailbag: Where is Westbrook's extension?


You are correct in the defense part. We don't have much of a problem with offense anymore.

3 years, 3 months ago on The Thunder's exciting and annoying developments this season


I think it would be cool if everyone took on the Harden look.

3 years, 3 months ago on The Thunder's exciting and annoying developments this season


The ball distribution is amazing compared to last year. KD feeding Perk on a pocket pass. Would that have happened last year? Perk is playing great on the offense if you watch the screens. Collison and Harden are killing it as well.

I knew it was going to be different when I saw Perk get a fast break and beat everyone to the basket for a dunk a few games back.

Our defense is now insanely improved. We are finally starting to get the rebounding that we need. The bigs are boxing out very well.

3 years, 3 months ago on The Thunder's exciting and annoying developments this season


Plus, Memphis always plays us tough as nails. Hate to see them lose Zach, though. I have mad respect for Memphis.

3 years, 3 months ago on Westbrook finds redemption in Memphis as OKC wins 100-95



Watch the games this season as a whole, and you will see that Westbrook is now running the point very well. I was dissapointed that he backed off of his aggressiveness, but that has been back for quite a few games now. Everybody is moving the ball. KD and RW are now getting Perk and Thabo into the game with little pocket passes that we have never seen before.

Upside? Now you have to watch everybody on the floor, because now everybody on the floor is scoring. Also, Perk is showing his true worth with the oak tree screens he is setting on every play. Collison has always done this, but Perk is now very agile. So I see why we paid him so much now...

Offense isn't our problem. It is still defense. That is getting better. This year's team is far more balanced than last year's team. No room to complain about RW anymore. That was all garbage anyway.

3 years, 3 months ago on Westbrook finds redemption in Memphis as OKC wins 100-95


You can spend your life thumbing through stats until it fits whatever your day dreaming brain wants to believe.

Ball distribution this year is far better. Did you see Perk get that solo break and dunk the other night? Last year he could barely run at all because of his knees. Physically he is all back and playing well. What stands out this year is that we don't have just two guys who can score. Everyone can score. Our passing is much improved.

Offensive stats are about the only ones people pay attention to, but our defense has always been our weakness. It is obviously much improved if you actually go to or watch every game.

I am glad that the trash talking of Westbrook has quieted down. He has shown that he can move the ball around. If anything, he needs to just be Westbrook and take it to the rim like few in the league can.

We are not fair weather fans. VIVA WESTBROOK!!

3 years, 3 months ago on Thunder Player Power Rankings: Perk rising


Dissing RW is just lazy sports commentators jumping on a tabloid story.

We would never be where we are without him, and I am afraid that all of this media BS is getting to him. Well, I want him to stay because he has more than earned it. He is a phenomenal athlete. That is why you always see fans from other teams putting together fantasy trades to get him. If we don't stop this baloney and let Russell know how much he is loved in OKC, he might bolt.

Westbrook is a GREAT player. This all started when Barkely went off on him in the playoffs for taking too many shots. Well, that is what happens when KD is smothered. Russell had been able to take it to the hole at will late in the season (why he was an all star) and that was his second option if he couldn't get it to KD.

Seriously. Does anyone in their right mind want to lose him? All of this tabloid garbage has to be getting to him. I'm going to make it my mission to let him know how much he is appreciated in OKC.

3 years, 3 months ago on Friday Bolts – 12.30.11


I am going to spew my dinner if I hear any more Westbrook bashing. It all started in the playoffs with Barkley being Barkley and saying silly stuff. Westbrook was an all star last year and still is. He is getting the ball to everyone now. We have two bonafide superstars on the Thunder. It isn't all KD. RW proved that last night. Carter made that late 3 because KD got suckered on to Dirk and left him wide open. He admitted that.

I am terribly afraid that RW might want to move because this just has to be getting old for him. It is all baloney from people who love to invent controversy.

I am up for ideas on a t-shirt and bumper stickers showing how much Thunder fans appreciate Russ and his insane athletic ability. I will have a heart attack if he wants to split OKC over this. We would instantly lose a shot at the championship without him.

I love Russ. He is a joy to watch and he needs to know that this town is behind him. Put all of that silly talk to rest for good. Nothing is broken with Russel Westbrook. Give him his max contract and we will be strong for years to come. He is an all star, same as KD.

3 years, 3 months ago on Durant steals Westbrook’s thunder as OKC tops Dallas 104-102


hmm...wish we could cough up some mad money and get CP3 and keep Russell as well. Then clone Collison, who is a great defensive player, and we could be a dynasty. Of course we would have to get rid of the entire bench to pay for it.....

Just dreaming..

3 years, 4 months ago on Presti addresses media, has talked to Westbrook’s people


Nate kind of walked into a rough deal when he came to the Thunder. He is capable of doing great things for teams not loaded to the gills with guards.

I wish him well. If he wants to leave in order to get to play more, which he is certainly capable of, I think it is a good thing. I hate to see someone leave, but he is getting the short end of the stick right now. The guy can play, and will do well. Someone mentioned treating him right, and I am all for that.

3 years, 4 months ago on Report: Thunder and Nate Robinson working on a buyout


Yeah, getting better, but Cook is there for the 3 point threat. If RW could put up the entire package, he would be one of the best players in the NBA.

Well, he already is one of the best, but it would make him super human. Harden's presence could really help open things up. The beard is a very good player.

One of the major defensive schemes in the playoffs was to try to smother the pass to KD. RW had to go fast and make do sometimes when the play didn't develop. Like I said, good defenses make anyone look bad. Hell, I see our lack of strong defense as a real problem. Everyone knows that we can score like crazy.

Collison was really good last year. I hope Perk is all healed up this year.

3 years, 4 months ago on The more Westbrook, the better


Russ was treated so horribly during the playoffs last year. Charles Barkley makes a snide comment and everyone believes it. He is a rare athlete, and is only going to get better. He is going to get his max contract.

I am sure that most of us would rather see him as a SG rather than a PG, but one thing we do have is too many guards. Harden is going nowhere. Same with Russ. Maynor and Cook have key roles as well.

What we need is for RW to develop a serious 3 threat. It seems that we are always throwing away posessions with our poor 3 point shooting.

RW is a tremendous athlete, and we are lucky to have him. Doesn't anyone notice fans from other teams coming onto Thunder blogs with all kinds of trade ideas which involve Westbrook. Everyone wants Westbrook.

I sure am glad that all of the smack has gone away.

3 years, 4 months ago on The more Westbrook, the better


Ahh. Bitching about Russell was the flavor of the month last year. What people don't realize is that defensive schemes were taking away KD in the playoffs, forcing RW to carry more of the load. When the play didn't develop, he had to make do, and his unreal regular season play was great. It is tougher in the playoffs when the gene pool has been really weeded out.

A good defense can make anyone look bad. Not that he was actually bad. Triple double in the playoffs was forgotten in one day.

Russ will get a max contract, and no way are we trading him. I see fans from other teams posting up trade options that all try to nab RW. Not going to happen barring some kind of relationship meltdown with the team. He got ragged on so bad last year that it was just foolish.

Those charity games are nothing but lazy offense and pull up jumpers. They only play defense in the last two minutes. You can't evaluate anything from those. They are just fun for fans and raise money for charites, which is a selfless thing and rare in pro sports.

3 years, 4 months ago on The more Westbrook, the better