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these are the only 14's ive ever owned & imo a very underrated sneaker. i'd consider re-copping if they ever retro

1 year, 7 months ago on Air Jordan XIV “Indiglo” – Autographed Reggie Miller Pair on eBay


out of all the celebrity sneaker heads i would say wale is one of the only legit ones that was in the sneaker game before it became trendy & everyone hopped on the bandwagon. it kinda sucks that all of these celebs, athletes, re-sellers and kids that had no interest in sneakers a couple of years ago have taken over. on the bright side now that everybody & their mama is a sneakerhead it'll make it that much easier  for me to break my sneaker addiction that i've been dealing with all these years.

1 year, 7 months ago on Complex’s 100 of MMG’s Greatest Sneaker Moments


i've been wearing jordans since 1991 & mj is my all time favorite athlete but i gotta admit that lebrons have surpassed Jordan brand. JB hasn't released a decent looking shoe in years. the only thing keeping me interested in JB are the retros and even the retros are starting to get played out. my CDP retro 11's aren't even head turners anymore cuz they are so common & they get re-released so often. kids that aren't even old enough to remember jordan are obsessed with his shoes. the only way to break necks wearing jordan's is if i break out doernbechers or bin 23. if u compare new lebrons compared to new jordans, lebron is killing jordan. thats probably why JB relies so heavily on retros. anyway, i will be copping at least 1 or 2 different' color ways of the lebron XI. jordans will always have a place in my collection cuz i grew on them & they are classics but its lebrons time now

1 year, 8 months ago on Nike LeBron 11 “Terracotta Warrior”