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@nomad Probably not, but we're also kind of due aganst them.

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Practice Report: Russell Westbrook gets honest about defense


To Mayberry's point, it's a little sad that the Thunder's slump has overshadowed the fact that Westbrook is BACK. I mean, for a while there, it seemed like his career was in jeopardy because of his knee. (Maybe it still is, but let's not think about that.) But, even if the Thunder are still working it out, it's so awesome that RW doesn't appear to have lost a step. Given everything, he could (a) be a heck of a lot rustier or (b) remain on the sidelines (ala Derrick Rose). Instead, he's been pretty damn good.

1 month ago on Friday Bolts – 3.14.14