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That's really just applicable to any long train trip. My advice would be two things that oddly enough didn't make this list at all. If you plan to sleep on the trains, start early in the trip. And have an alarm set for 30 min before your disembarkation station. 

1 year, 5 months ago on 10 Tips for Sleeping Overnight in Coach


Some segments are more reasonable than others. What I would like to know is why when the revenue of the line through here, the Southwest Chief, managed a single year revenue of $44,184,060.00 Yet the Chicago station is urine/sweat scented, the Supperliners look/feel 70's era, and judging on the comfort of the seat, remain without upgrade, the railway has many extreme jostles, and many of the stations are out-of-date. So most of the system is still largely as it was in 1971 as far as I can tell. Yet this massive revenue is being realized. Why can't tickets be cheaper? or cars be more current, or the rail could be more smooth, or even higher speed, or D all fo the above.  Also, shouldn't a ticket be prorated if you're getting a roomette or bedroom or whatever. I mean I get that it includes a dry chicken meal, or more if you're on longer. Though really I wouldn't mind the room being 60$ cheaper and not having dinner included. Moreover, shouldn't' there be some prorating for buying multiple segments. I mean really, where is the money going? Between federal funding (our taxes) and ticket revenue (more of our money), why aren't there more lines, or better cars, or smoother faster rails? Not to mention, I wouldn't mind if the Southwest Cheif had one of those car haulers. It would be great to load up my CR-V stick it on the train, ride to Flagstaff or Chicago unload it, and have a car once I'm there.  Moreover, can't the red-caps and other caps look less, idk, dirty? I mean, for 44 million seems like some better, cleaner uniforms might be afforded. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Inside Our Bedroom Suites


I don't know how people ever think hate is some part of any religion. Hate is what this is about; and people hating others under the guise of it being sanctioned by God, any of them. People do this despite the overwhelming plea of nearly every religion to be kind, loving, and compassionate toward everyone. There aren't any conditions set forth in any scripture discerning when, or in what order other than that one should always love one another. Love isn't something you do when people comply with what you want, love isn't something you withhold because of whatever reason. When one withholds love they loose the love they think they have, and are filed with hate. It's ok if you have personal thoughts and feelings, and yes some of those behaviors are not condoned as righteous in some religions. People can believe what they want. That doesn't make it ok to spread hate, or be hateful because of it.

3 years, 4 months ago on I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.