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@slider26   Well, life is not about bullying.  We have what's called a free country and you're supposed to be able to express your honest opinion politely without getting your block knocked off.  I bet Incognito doesn't have the berries to say anything to MR. ROSS, at least not while he was still signing the paychecks.  Grow up.

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Another poor pre-season performance by a Joe Philbin coached team.  It seems the pattern of Joe Philbin teams is to play most opponents pretty tough in the first half and then slowly fritter the game away with turnovers and lackluster play as the game wears on.  They were atrocious in preseason last year, actually worse than this.  If Philbin-Sherman doesn't get something out of this talent, this year, it might be it for them.

1 year, 8 months ago on For the Dolphins, has anything really changed?