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@Jet Set Willy@stevemailman@Jet Set Willy@jJaayWhat I like about your comment is that I never named anyone personally, yet you took it as me directing it directly to you or even anyone commenting in this article. I was talking about the people bashing the film in general, but hey at least you acknowledge your a moron without me having to point it out.

I really like how you made it personal, that doesn't scream troll or anything. You do not know me sir, yet your comment has enraged me, so mission accomplished.

I mean rather than have a valid counter-arguement it was obviously the wiser move on your part to attack my personal character. It makes sense, and I should really apologize to you after all. So I am sincerely sorry your a whiney bitch who has nothing intelligent to say about this topic and is masking that with trash talk to a complete stranger. Really I'm sorry about all of that. I'm also sorry that my movie choice has somehow offended you, I guess I get how liking Man of Steel obviously makes me a dick, so maybe I should just not like it ? I know it really speaks to my character and all. 

What I'm trying to say is that clearly because I disagree with your opinion and made a light-hearted joke about Donner/Reeve fans and you exploded over it, I'M THE DICK.

1 year, 2 months ago on Why Man of Steel is receiving bad reviews and the public loves this Superman


@ScottJamesBarber@jJaayI enjoy how you are twisting the numbers around. MoS rated much higher than Superman Returns on RT by users as opposed to critics. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but users represent a much higher amount of moviegoers than critics. How about MoS rating higher on IMDB than the Donner films ?

How about this


I think the cynics are biased, and really don't know a whole lot of what they are talking about. They see some negative reviews and that's it for them, they jump on the hipster band wagon and then WE DONT FUCKING HEAR THE END OF THE DONNER/REEVE FILMS being so much better.

How about, stop reading the internet, looking at this review that review what your mom has to say, and what that guy with the mole on his face who lives next door and is always stopping you to talk about stuff you're clearly not interested in and you just can't stop staring at the freaking mole, wondering if he's noticed you staring, has to say and just formulate your own intelligent opinion. Comparing MoS to the the Reeve films makes no sense. Yes, it most certainly is the same character, but that character has been used 1000000x over in an abundance of situations. Just because this was a live action movie does not make it the same thing. Different era, different director, different actors. Let's remove the whole thing from the equation otherwise we might as well start looking at the cartoons, comics and graphic novels the character has been used in.

By the way, has anyone actually taken the time to read this article ? I feel like of all the negative nancies that are here, not one has taken the time to acknowledge the very valid points the author has made, and instead of saying something intelligent in response it seems everyone is saying, "MEN UF STEELZ IZ SUC AN SHIT E PEECE OF SHIT, LUUUULLLLLZ DONNER ND REEVE R A DREEM TEEM"

1 year, 3 months ago on Why Man of Steel is receiving bad reviews and the public loves this Superman


Also I just reread this post, I did not proof read it and made some insane grammar errors, so I'm just going to beat everyone to the punch (pun intended) and apologize in advance.

1 year, 3 months ago on Why Man of Steel is receiving bad reviews and the public loves this Superman


I see a lot of negativity being thrown at this film... like absolute hate... I mean like its as if this film showed up at their house in the middle of the night, robbed them,(spolier alert) told their kids Santa Clause wasn't real, and punched their dog in the throat. All of that baffles me. I enjoyed this movie a ton, I walked out of that theater utterly satisfied as a die-hard Superman fan, and my girlfriend, who is neither a fan of sci fi, or Superman caved and admitted it was a fantastic movie. 

I could understand if you thought you were walking into a buddy comedy with Superman and his dog and all of a sudden- SUPERMAN just flying around punching dudes in the face, I'd probably be super pissed too. But that's what I went to this film to see... Superman punching dudes in the face. I'm glad their was so much action and CGI, this article nails the point of the film as far as I'm concerned. This is a version of Superman adapted for the modern silver screen... I get that a lot of movies nowadays are just filled with CGI and explosions just for the sake of it, but that does not mean that some films shouldn't. Superman fits the bill for big action and big CGI.

The problem is that some of you are still stuck on the whole Donner/Reeve bit and I'm personally sick of the comparison to this film. If you wanted a Donner/Reeve superman than go grab your combo-pack VHS of the reeve Superman films and pop it in your VCR. Problem solved and we get a new original Superman film still. Superman has evolved, the comic book world has changed. Read anything from the post Final Crisis era (New 52). Look at Injustice: Gods Among Us (The comics, not just the video game). 

We're just talking about Superman as a character here, in regards to the acting, the CGI, as a regular person, just an average Joe, or average Clark if you will, I did not see a problem with any of this... I walked into that theater and had fun, I was moved, I enjoyed myself. There were times I was on the verge of tears of happiness, sadness even. It was as if a comic was jumping off the pages at me, it stuck true to the source material.. I mean break it down:

General Zod comes to planet earth, tries to turn the planet into a second planet Krypton, it is up to Superman to stop Zod and his men/women from destroying earth in the process. He's not rescuing cats out of trees, he's not stopping muggers... he's saving the god damn planet and that is how a true comic book is written. Oh what's that you say? Superman doesn't kill? My ass he doesn't. The lesson here is that, given the right circumstances (in this case to preserve human life and stop an equally powerful murderous super-being), yes... yes he does. Not without the consequences weighing heavily on him however.

1 year, 3 months ago on Why Man of Steel is receiving bad reviews and the public loves this Superman